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  1. G-Golly Wally

    Never been prouder to be an Okie

    I don't know how many of you have seen it by now, but the little leaguer that was hit in the head and proceeded to try and comfort the pitcher from Texas that hit him, is the grandson of a friend of my wife and I. I was watching the game yesterday when this happened, and the show of...
  2. G-Golly Wally

    My old truck

    She's a 2006 F250 super duty Lariat, 228000 miles, doesn't use oil, no major mechanical issues, and She's payed for. My wife has been wanting me to sell this truck and get a newer one, but every time I look at a newer truck, the price is outrageous! They want more for a used truck than what this...
  3. G-Golly Wally

    Anyone watching MCWS baseball?

    Since the WCWS is over, and congratulations to the lady Sooner's on their National Championship. Anyone watching the men's ball games? I've been watching as much as I can, there's been some good games. My Hogs won their first game looking pretty good, hopefully we can continue playing good ball...
  4. G-Golly Wally

    Finally a Tower!

    Made the last payment on a 40 ft free standing tower. Going to pick it up tomorrow evening, I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow if it doesn't get dark on me, I should have enough daylight.
  5. G-Golly Wally

    College Softball any one?

    Setting at the bunkhouse watching the Lady Razorbacks and Lady Longhorns, it's been a pitchers dule up until the bottom of the 5th and the Hogs finally scored 3 runs. I'm a Razorback fan for life, but I'll watch any team that's good. You got to hand it to all these girls, they can flat out play...
  6. G-Golly Wally

    Anyone know what this is ?

    I found these 2 rocks while walking a spot in my backyard I wanted to mow, just look for anything that might give my mower fits. They seem to be sandstone in my opinion, but they have some odd markings, makes me think of petrified wood, but I figure that's wrong. So if anyone on the forum...
  7. G-Golly Wally

    Test meter suggestions?

    My old Dosy TC 4002 -PSW test center seems to have stopped functioning correctly, enough so that I don't trust it anymore. I worked 20 years in an electric motor factory so I'm familiar with the smell of burnt electronics, and that's the smell that hit me when I took the cover off of it. Would...
  8. G-Golly Wally

    Please pray for my wife

    My wife has been feeling a little more run down than usual and has had shoulder problems for quite awhile, along problems with her hands and arms. She's been a licensed Barber for over 35 years. While I was at work she found out she has stage 3b renal failure, prayers would be greatly...
  9. G-Golly Wally

    Anyone have coffered ceilings?

    My wife thinks it's a bad idea, me and my daughter like it. The wife thinks our ceiling is to low(8ft) I think it would look better than the bad tape job I've had to look at since we moved in, my wife says nobody notices ceilings anyway. Maybe it's just me, but I notice ceilings, IDK I just do...
  10. G-Golly Wally


    Anyone watching the NCAA tournament? Been a day of upsets, Kentucky has been taken down by 15 seed St Petters, U Conn was upset by 13 seed New Mexico St and right now my HOGS are struggling with 13 seed Vermont.
  11. G-Golly Wally

    New hairstyle ( sort of )

    When I was younger and sporting a full head of hair, never thought I'd be a bald man. Now here I am 35yrs latter and I'm a bald man. I got tired of the horseshoe hairstyle, hair on the sides and back, bald on top. So I decided to shave my head, the wife doesn't like it, but it's not her head...
  12. G-Golly Wally

    At wits end with the Pittsburgh County rural water district 14

    My first water bill here was for 40 days, I paid a 100$ deposit and the bill was $177. So basically $77 for usage of about 4500 gal. Since then it's been crazy, the Bill for last month $278!! Supposedly we used 14.000 gal !!! I had three different plumbers check for leaks, pressure test line...
  13. G-Golly Wally

    This is a sign you might be OLD!

    From what I gather from this forum, a lot of us are older gentlemen. Me I'll be 55 this coming March. I noticed my last day of work my right arm was a little sore, and I had a small briuse on my elbow didn't think much of it. A day after I got home, after taking a shower and started to apply my...
  14. G-Golly Wally

    Is pasta as important as toilet paper now?

    Found it odd that pasta was In such short supply at the grocery store today. Is this happening everywhere, or just Oklahoma?
  15. G-Golly Wally


    I'm sure somebody on the forum has tweaked and peaked a Uniden 510 pro xl. I got bored yesterday and started messing around with mine. I lowered the dead key, to much I think, and I'm having trouble bringing it back up. ( wrong tool for job) but I work in the oilfield so what else is new. My...
  16. G-Golly Wally

    Flavored candel jackpot!

    The wife wanted to go into Fort Smith today, so we hit the mall. She seen a store called the White Barn, she was in hog heaven, it was a scented candle palooza!! But of course to her they're FLAVORED CANDELS :ROFLMAO: I guess the names they have on them confuse her, I don't know? Gotta love her...
  17. G-Golly Wally

    Hopefully this turns into a find!

    I noticed this tower last weekend so today I stoped and inquired about it. It seems to be in good shape except the top has some damage. The lady said it's 70 ft and they haven't used it since the late 90s when they stopped running truck's for an oil field service they used to own. She took my...
  18. G-Golly Wally

    102 SS homebrew groundplane

    Made a few contacts today 289 BC and 770 BC on 27475 LBS and 424 Oregon on 27395 LSB
  19. G-Golly Wally

    TX sticks when I key up

    I know I've seen this proplem some place just cant remember where. anyways I've got a Cobra 29 LTD classic when I key the mic the TX sticks, key the mic agian and it returns to normal. I've tried a different mic same problem. need help on a fix. thank you G-Golly Wally:headbang