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  1. r carl

    261 new vacuum tubes

  2. r carl


    Bought new and mounted in my pickup and realized a menu driven radio is not going to work for me given the mounting position under the dash between my knee's. Got to have knobs I can adjust while not looking at the radio. Looks as new. $115 plus $15 shipping lower 48.
  3. r carl

    No end in site to this dodo

    Hidden Radios in Home Devices (IOT)! The next Cyberthreat - YouTube
  4. r carl


  5. r carl

    Adding channels

    When people add channels to a cb, where do those channels come from, 10 and 12 band? I am not wanting more, just wondering...
  6. r carl


    Why would they make a cord fused Neg side 4amp fuse, Plus side 10-amp fuse?
  7. r carl

    Mag mount for 955hpc

    Which would be better to use with a 955hpc? Sirio Fighter 5000 PL with Mag 145 PL Mag Mount or a Wilson 1000 mag mount? I want to be able to use the radio in 3 different pickups putting the antenna on the roof in the center.
  8. r carl


  9. r carl

    Stimulus check

    The stimulus check will buy a ICOM IC-9700 if we get it. :D
  10. r carl

    Almost a whip.

    What antennas would be just a step down from a 102' whip?
  11. r carl


    One day I was listening to two guys on AM, then I switched to LSB and heard them, then switched to USB and heard them there too. Is that normal?
  12. r carl

    old electronics test equipment

  13. r carl

    500,000 Watt Transmitter

  14. r carl


  15. r carl

    President Washington no TX

    I picked up a little used Washington. Everything seems to work except no output on AM or SSB. When I key the mic red TX light illuminates. When I push the mod button and key it needle dont move. President and Washington printed on front panel. It is a 2nd version I think. 3 button 5 pin mic PC...
  16. r carl

    Lightning strike?

    The middle tube on one of my horizontal gain elements on my Hy-Gain Penetrator has these 2 holes that looks like they are from an arc. The tube is too thin to TIG weld so I think I will aluminum solder it. Is this from a lightning strike?
  17. r carl

    Camper antenna

    I would like to replace this am fm antenna with a cb antenna. A Sirio Fighter 5000 seems to be a good replacement if it will mount there. I see it can lay over when not in use. A cb will mount inside right behind the antenna. I don't know where to go from here.
  18. r carl

    Hallicrafters Reciever - $150

  19. r carl

    Vintage radio repair bench

  20. r carl

    GMRS or CB

    Just a simple question, which will penetrate farther into a forest?