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    Magnum S3 no receive volume

    Who’s the magnum expert here. S3 no receive volume. On off pot was bent so replaced it no change. Receive is working meters moving transmit is good talkback works and PA works. Checked for broken wires and cold or broken solder joints. Any ideas where to look next.
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    New cobra 29 LX

    Anyone play with the new 29 LX. It’s all surface mount now. Seems to be a turd. Any mods on it out there I can’t seem to find anything.
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    Galaxy 73v

    Anyone know how to bypass the fixed switch on a 73v. The fixed-10k switch don’t work so I’m stuck with the three fixed channels only. Any help appreciated thanks.
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    4600 turbo transmit/ receive light orange

    4600 turbo with the 2290’s receive is good,has dead key no modulation. The T/R light turns orange not red when keyed. I’ve checked tr38, mic IC, D77 etc. any ideas on problem appreciated.
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    Anytone 500M

    Anyone know how to do the settings in the service menu. Press the up/down buttons while powering on brings up a menu but cant change anything in the menu. The problem is the RF meter is pegged on receive and doesn't show any bars on transmit, but radio is working perfect. Any help appreciated.
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    Connex 3400 program module

    Does anyone have a program module for sale. Connex 3400hp. Someone also mentioned a mod to not use the module. Any help thanks.
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    33hp2 ch19 on channel 6

    Got a galaxy 33hp2 here and channel 19 is on channel 6, any ideas to save me some time before I start digging. Mabey someone has come across this problem. Thanks appreciate any help.
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    99V2 channel board

    Anyone know the part number for the transistor that goes in front pin three on the 99V2. See pictures below. It was burnt to a crisp. Thanks in advance.
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    Galaxy Saturn

    Hello everyone have a Saturn here giving me the blues. No carrier or modulation found the finals were blown. Changed them out now I have 2 watts carrier no matter where I set the pots. Still no modulation. It receives great shows carrier but no modulation. Put it in PA works great mic gain works...
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    2970 CD

    Can anyone tell me what position this transistor is in Q? I’m not finding it on the schematic thanks. It was laid on its side soldered in.