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    VHF and or UHF Phantom antenna

    Here You go.. You should find something from here... Then Follow it to the site to buy... antenex antenna - Bing Images
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    Base murs gmrs frs antenna

    Well... I used the Comet GP-9 for many Years Yes it is a 2 meter and 70 cm vertical ham antenna.. It had No Problem though ( swr's were more then ok ) and i spoke with it Really well.. is a High Gain Vertical...Not too big at all.. and Holds together Quite well.. Only after some...
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    Have I mentioned that I hate winter yet?

    Myself... I used to Love the Winter.. Now you can KEEP it...lol.. Winter is for Kids i Suppose.. Between the Freezing Cold..the Snow and Ice.. I Too would Rather be able to simplyWalk to the Beach..lol
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    4 ohm speaker

    A couple things You should Know.. replacing 8 Ohm speaker with a 4 Ohm It is the Speaker ( not the amp ) that decides what Power to Pull and thus Feed the Speaker.. So using a 4 Ohm in place of an 8 Ohm can cause several issues with an amp Designed for 8 Ohm's given these radios you are using...
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    Works really well.. Even on DSL.. Used it for business about 7 or more years already.. at a retail store no less ( it does mention iif you use it a lot...you may incur additional charges...But Never happened in a Big Retail Store....so...has been Perfect as far as i have seen ) regarding...
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    Some Very Good Designs on your link
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    REAL far south DX!

    Now that was a Great DX Contact ConGrats
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    Clear Channel AR 3500

    You indeed got yourself Excellent Radios.. the AR-3500 Always Worked Extremely well for me.. Heck...until i got the 706 MKIIG it had been my Best Radio that i used Specifically for SSB.. Now with my 706 MKIIG and IC-7000 radios there is No longer a need for me to g back to the AR-3500 But...
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    Baofeng UV5R. Confused After FCC Call

    MURS is a Great band to use locally.. Typically it is not as messed up as GMRS/FRS can be.. I simply have my HT's set to be usable on all VHF-UHF bands
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    Splain something to me lucy

    I Hear you.. Give me a Good HF rig anytime.. Usually Far better receive and transmit.. Use Decent antenna.. and Good to go.. I realized that long ago
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    Just passed my tech.

    Hey Congats.. Welcome to Both the Hobby and the Forum
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    Icom IC-V80 sport

    I am Sure it will be a Decent HT Indeed.. As mentioned though..For What you're going to pay for the Icom but can get two Baofeng UV-5R's or one Wouxun. If you want...Even buy a Used Icom T90 Even though i have Many HT's.. my T90 has so great signal and audio reports.. I am usually...
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    What size coax for base station

    for basic radio.. No Amp... No High Power.. I would say RG-213 or LRM400 will do well.. I went with better...But then i also needed 165 ft. ( other reasons as well...Just keep it simple though is Best )
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    RG-58/U or the much more$$ LMR 400

    Touch Call... Given only 50 feet and no major power.. The 58 should be Ok.. Myself though... I prefer the better Stuff... Have Both ability to handle power better if i wanted to in futrure. Plus...even though one may be cutting hairs given 50 feet.. I would think..the lower loss...
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    Battle of the ground planes

    WoW...Screen Door on a Sub.. Nice.. LOL
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    "Name Brand" Mobile antennas, really "better"?

    I Hear what you are saying... In ways i Fully agree.. In ways i Dis-Agree.. One does often pay for the Name... Those Names are Often Excellent antennas though.. Can those name brand antennas be out classed by same or better performing no name brands... Well Perhaps... I think the...
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    Portable Antenna Choices

    What about.. a portable vhf / uhf handheld beam mine closes down to 20 inches long and 5 inches wide very portable and good to add to your bug out antenna gear
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    Stupid people?

    Yes...I remember this All over the News Back then