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  1. Nick23

    A few questions...

    Has anybody ever tried to do an in dash Galaxy 979 install? The dimensions are a little bigger than a cobra 25. I have a cobra 29 that does fit in the dash, so I'm not to worried about it fitting. I couldn't find any pics on the internet, so I was just wondering. Also, how easy/hard would it be...
  2. Nick23

    New President Antennas

    https://www.bellscb.com/ Anybody running one of these? Interesting new lineup.
  3. Nick23

    Mobile radio suggestions

    I'm finally getting my ticket. I'm looking for a mobile radio 2m and 70cm, but I also want one with SSB. Does this radio exist? Suggestions? Thanks
  4. Nick23

    Cobra 29LX problem

    Hey guys, my cobra 29 LX has a loose volume/squelch knob. I took the covers off and didn't see any screws or anything to tighten. Is there an easy fix? Also, is this just an annoyance or is the knob going to break or be inoperable? Thanks
  5. Nick23

    BaoFeng UV-5R Owners

    Hey guys, I plan on purchasing a BaoFeng UV-5R for scanning purposes. Will I be able to receive the frequencies it lists without the programming cable? Thanks
  6. Nick23

    How much?

    Hey guys, How much would YOU pay for a Taiwan Cobra 148 gtl. Decent conditon, recap and alignment? I have heard a lot of good things about these radios... But some prices on the internet are way to high in my book. Maybe I'm just way off the mark... :) Thanks
  7. Nick23

    29 LX variable power

    Hey guys, I'm attempting to do a swing mod for my 29. 2 questions; for variable power they say you need 2 wires to run to the rf gain knob. What type/gauge wire should I use? Also, would a 30watt solding iron be sufficient? Thanks
  8. Nick23

    New Magnum Radio

    Pretty nice lookin Magnum. Just became available... https://www.gijoesradioelectronics.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=1373
  9. Nick23

    Amp question

    Hey guys, Just a quick question... Can't find a clear answer on the internet. Can you run a radio doing 5w dead key swinging to 20w into a X-force TNT 2 pill? If not that amp, which one could possibly? I know its better to have a lower dead key, but I cant do the mod right now. Thanks
  10. Nick23

    Everhardt Antenna Owners

    Does anybody know if Everhardt antennas are top loaded or helical wound? Can't find their website or any info on this... Also, what are your opinions on the Everhardt SOTT vs Wilson FGT? Thanks
  11. Nick23

    General Lee vs Galaxy 979

    No other radio suggestions please. :) Which do you think is the better radio? Why? I've heard alot of good things about both...
  12. Nick23


    What are some good new radios on the market that are great on am, but also have ssb? I have only used AM and their are a bunch of people in my area that use AM. So I have to have a great AM radio. I am kinda interested in ssb though. Some radios that I am considering... Magnum 257hp Yeticom...
  13. Nick23

    What to do?

    I just got my Cobra 29LX Camo from Bells CB. I asked for a tune and variable power. When I received the radio they did not do the variable power. After talking to the company they said they would cover shipping back and forth and do a MOSFET final and the variable power for 62 discounted from...
  14. Nick23

    Soldering Iron

    What type of solder would you need to use on a CB board. Any brand recommendations for an iron? Thanks
  15. Nick23

    What are ya'lls prefessions??

    Garbage truck drivers, bean pickers or driving range pros whose check is signed by a stripper?
  16. Nick23

    Build your own amp

    How hard is it to build you own amp? What would you need? Would it be as good as the regular manufactured ones?
  17. Nick23


  18. Nick23

    Your guys favorite fiberglass antenna choices

    I have fiberglass Wilson silver load. All of a sudden I couldn't get my swrs down. Must have been from the antenna getting knocked off/ around to much. I like to run something a little less eye catching than my 10-k. What fiberglass antennas have you guys liked using?
  19. Nick23

    ??? 2 Radios

    A friend just gave me an Icom f11 and a Motorola Radius 1225. These are business band yes? I have been thinking of getting into ham radio, can these radios listen in on the channels some of you guys use. Thanks
  20. Nick23

    Another amplifier question

    What is the difference between 2 SD1446 transistors and 2/ 2879's??