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    How to properly ground my Ham rigs?

    Seems like most Hams don't bother grounding their rigs. Info on how to properly ground Ham radio equipments is hard to find. There's not much talk about it. I been looking for some articles on proper grounding of Ham radio equipments but most I got talks about grounding in general terms & not...
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    Have some questions re: antenna install

    I just got my new Comet GP-9 dual band base antenna that I've ordered recently. I've done some search on the web regarding the best dual band base antenna I can get particulary the Diamond X500HNA & ultimately settled with this antenna than the other one by Diamond based on what I've read at...
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    Digital voice for HAM radio

    I'm a new HAM though I got my Tech license about 15 years ago. Besides making a purchased of my first HAM radio (a Kenwood TH79A Dual Band HT) I was not really ready at that time making QSO. Work was in my mind at that time (after setting foot here in the U.S.) that I completely walk away from...