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  1. Farmer Brown

    Source for VTG President parts

    I am need of a couple switches for a vintage Adams radio. Is there a place to buy some new ones?
  2. Farmer Brown

    A shout out to a few people

    WWDX is chock full of great folks and I'd like to give some that I've had dealings with a big shout and a thumbs up. Ralph SW 357 Kasey Unit 75 Kevin The Real Pork chop Tony 38 SP A great day and weekend to all Farmer Brown Unit 357 SW Razerback
  3. Farmer Brown

    WTB Apollo 2

    I would like to buy a Anytone AT Apollo 2, I know that there are some on the forum who have/can balance/tune these out. I will consider a stock or tuned one.
  4. Farmer Brown

    ISO AT- Apollo 2

    I am interested in buying a Anytone Apollo 2 radio.
  5. Farmer Brown

    Finally a breakthrough Apollo/203P Combo

    I have been trying to order the Anytone Apollo 2, 203P and jumper combo for over a month now and finally had success today. $154 and $5 shipping. I will take it to CC and his Scope for the match up and 2watt DK, I'm thinking it is going to be a very interesting setup to communicate with. I know...
  6. Farmer Brown

    CarlBuilt Ct400

    Hello to All, I had been thinking about buying a 6 pill Hi-Drive amp for my old pickup truck. But looking at Carl's products, I like the Ct400, 2 driving 4 with a 2 watt DK. I seen one of his test on a 2x6 and it went to 1900 pep, surely the 2x4 would pep at 1100-1200. Is anyone running one...
  7. Farmer Brown

    Anybody run these before?

    I have had these two for years and never even tested them, I have never seen any, like these before, any information will be of great help
  8. Farmer Brown

    Dealing with Glaucoma

    To everyone, I was very surprised to be told that I have Glaucoma back in late January. I have been trying to let my eyes heal, they have been fluctuating. They do ok until I over use them, as in looking at any type of screen for very long. They are a slight bit better, so I will continue to...
  9. Farmer Brown

    He asked if I had ever talked to LadyBug

    I was talking to 4100 down in Louisiana a coulpa evenings ago and we were asking each other about who we remembered from the 70's. You know it's like shaking up one of those little Christmas deals with the liquid and 'snow', you go to remembering stuff from way back when you were a child of...
  10. Farmer Brown

    IMAX 2000 VS Sirio Tornado 27 (coming soon)

    I have a new IMAX2000 w/new coax up on a 18' pole, it will talk farther than I can hear. The Palamar 500 Elite AKA Combo does from 150 swing to 280 swing. I plan to put up a new Tornado soon, I've had it put back for 4-5 years. I am curious as to the difference it will make, I've heard the IMAX...
  11. Farmer Brown

    Shout out to Unit 75

    I have this nice Royce 642 that I had bought some months ago as non-working. Well I hooked it up and it lit up, I put one of my good mics on it and it wouldn't talk or receive :( Very dissipointed but not surprised. Fast forward to tonight and 75 and I were messaging on WWDX, he mentioned the...
  12. Farmer Brown

    RoadTalker 40 Mobile probs

    I've had this unit for 5-6 years and never hooked it up. So now that I've got around to it, it lights up and seems to have ears on some channels but others it has no static or anything. Channels that it will key up on, the modulation light comes on in the meter swings. But I cannot hear nor...
  13. Farmer Brown

    Vintage Radio Shack MURS radios

    Yes, this is something else that I overlooked through the years. I friend explained about it today and I was wondering about the New vs the Old. The new china handheld models are on sale for $28-$38 vs used RS mobile models for $99. Anyone have advice/experience on this subject?