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  1. CB590

    My 1200w/48v EBike Build

    So I was going to go with a 50cc scooter and ride to work occasionally. But since the person I'm living with didn't want it in the house I went another direction. I picked up one of the last Mongoose Argus ST26 bikes for $399 from Amzn. Has 4" x 26" fat tires and is a 7 speed. Ordered in...
  2. CB590

    FS: CarlBuilt 400HD with Bias

    Built by Carl of former XForce amps. Bought June 8th this year. 4x HG SC2879 with Bias option and SSB delay has a SlingShot decal (lettering basically) on top. Does 500-550 easy at 14.2vdc. Has warranty seal on it. I will not open it. Paid $429. Asking an easy and quick $375 shipped to...
  3. CB590

    Old BearCat Tube linear amplifier

    Saw this online this morning. Looks like 4 tubes glowing in one of the pics. Not sure if just CB or HF. Thought it was cool. Says Lafayette on the meter and Japan.
  4. CB590

    9' of coax in mobile install to lower SWR?

    So I bought a used Ford Escape as my old truck is deemed caput. Going to mount my Uniden 78 in center console as it's very deep. Antenna is a 5' FS 2. Worked well on prior pickup but had 18' of coax that came with it as a kit. Only need about 7' run to get to console. Anyone see any...
  5. CB590

    FS: Uniden 980 and RM KL203

    Combo as one. Uniden 980 SSB and 203. Just got the 980 on March 8, 2020. 203 Amp is older model. No issues. No pre-amp. Does over 100w on sideband with combo with whistle. Couldn't test AM peak as I don't have a peak meter. Ship lower 48 states only. PayPal works. Message me. Asking $165...
  6. CB590

    Uniden 78XL and RFX95??

    I know from what I've seen the older 78XL model is still thru hole (the 78LT and LTX are SMT), and Bells did a few installs of the RFX75 back in 2012-2013. Anyone see any issues with an RFX95 on the back of the 78XL. It's either that or run the RM203. But I'm kinda diggin the all in one for...
  7. CB590

    Texas Star Modulator V-Plus sideband mod??

    Has anyone tried this on here? Seems like it might work as down/dirty fix. 2 people commented the following.
  8. CB590

    FS: HP 1200 server supply w/2 power boards

    Selling HP 1200w (at 220vac) / 900w (aka 75 amp at 120VAC) server supply and 2 "breakout" boards. The one board with digital power meter has 14 gauge max contacts. The other board is simpler and has upto 10 gauge contacts. Supply was tested and does provide power at 12.4 VDC, and seemed to...
  9. CB590

    FS: MFJ-941e manual HF tuner 30/300w

    Selling my manual tuner with original box and power cord for meter light. Radio sold so now I'm selling the tuner I had with it. Does 30/300w. Has 2 antenna outputs, dummy load output, and balanced/single line output with 4:1 balun built in. Asking $140 shipped (shipping will cost me like $18...
  10. CB590

    FS: Galaxy DX-86v with FC-347 Freq Counter

    Decided to sell my Galaxy 86v that I got in the middle of January 2020 and a new FC-347 that I got at the same time. Selling for $290 shipped (lower 48 only). Which is a great deal considering the radio is $250 by itself. Average package to ship with insurance is like $32 for me here in NJ...
  11. CB590

    FS: Palomar 400 Elite 4x SD1446

    Up for consideration is my 400 Elite HD. Been running for like 8 months or so as a base setup. Ran with Ranger 296, AT6666 (on low power) and currently Galaxy 86v (on low power). Pre-Amp does work. Upgraded to a custom built one, so selling this one to fund the other. Lower 48 states only...
  12. CB590

    EZ Up 40 Pole or ROHN 5' sections to get 25-30'

    Debating on the EZ Up Pole that is 18ga sections with 16ga top section for $153 shipped. Or ROHN 5' sections that are 16ga for $121 shipped for 5?? I currently have 2 top rail sections (17ga or so) with 4 (3 shown in pic with one down lower) of the 4" wall brackets and a coupling holding it...
  13. CB590

    Got desperate. Ordered Sirio 2016 from UK

    So I got desperate and wanted the darn Sirio 2016. So for $152 USD I apparently ordered the last one.. from the UK just now. Shipping UPS express saver (whatever that means). If they confirm the order tomorrow I'll be happy. Hopefully quieter than the A99 I'm currently running. Checked there...
  14. CB590

    Yaesu 891, MFJ-939Y and grounding questions

    So got my new rig all setup here in the house and tied the radio to the tuner with nice 12awg wire on the rear per norm. Then attached via wire to ground rod outside (via wire with wire nut). Cuts the RX noise and all good. End fed on a slope about 16 feet on one end and about 12 feet on other...
  15. CB590

    Night Eagle D104 issues. Help needed.

    So my tech wired up a 4 pin and replaced the 8 pin it had on it for a Yaesu 767. He also put the black head on with element from another D104 (see pic of element) MC-320 and possible code date of 9 76. (n) Anyway. The mic keys the radio up just fine but I get no modulation (aka swing)...
  16. CB590

    Yaesu FT-891 case options

    I got some screws/things coming to fit and secure the 891 in a FAT5 can with 2x 10AH SLA under it. Head will be on lid. Tuner will have to be external as space constraints. Can is setup for my Kenwood TM-v71a but can be refitted for the Y FT-891. Second option is the HF Apache 3800 case...
  17. CB590

    FS: Alinco DX-SR8T HF

    This was my first HF rig a couple years back. Alinco has only been used as a base rig since I bought it. Alinco DX-SR8T for $415 shipped. (Was $489 new). Mars Mod has been done. Only noticeable issue with the unit is sight VFO knob wobble, its had this since I got it new. The video shows it...
  18. CB590

    Cobra 139XLR or Uniden Washington??

    Found both online for sale. Both look clean and about the same price. I read they have 858 PLL usually. Both have been gone thru and work (whatever that means). Both have 5 pin mic jacks. Uniden listed as having additional mods though none are listed of see-able in the pics. Nothing on the...
  19. CB590

    Base antenna, High noise floor tips..

    I'm running the lovely A99. Feed point is 20'. Houses are close (row home). During the day the noise floor is like S5-7. At night about S4. Also when running some power like 90w dk (4 pill amp) I do notice my SWR is like 1.5-1.6 vs being say 9w dk with amp off (with RF power knob turned up...
  20. CB590

    Night Eagle D104 with standard head score..

    Managed to grab (bid and won) this for $45. Hopefully it will just work. Was reported to work. I just wanted the TUP9 base with the extra PTT on the base. Tips or thoughts for Galaxy 86v usage.