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  1. AudioShockwav

    President $20 rebate

    If you are looking for a new AM/FM President radio they are offering a $20 rebate untill Dec 31st. 73 Jeff
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    811/811h safety updates.

    73 Jeff
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    Canada approved FM for CB

    The new specifications will allow AM, FM, and SSB modes to be used on the standard 40 channels 26.965 - 27.405. Power output is 4 watts AM/FM and 12 watts on SSB.
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    From Fleabay: Here we take a look at the Q900 Version 3 Ham Transceiver which covers all ham bands from 160m up to 70cm. Q900 we introduced an ultra portable full range full mode SDR radio, Receive frequency from 100 k to 2 GHZ . We have developed the QRadioble phone APP can easily control the...
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    What's your favorite pepper sauce?

    Post up your favorite or favorites if you have more than one. 73 Jeff
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    Happy Labor Day

    Everyone have a great Labor day Holiday. Be safe and enjoy. It going to be record heat here for the Mariposa County Fair but we will be at the Destruction Derby with a cold one in hand. 73 Jeff
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    Modern Magic eye tube

    I used to restore old tube shortwave receivers and had to replace magic eye tubes that were used in them. I ran across this today, kind of neat to see a modern replacement. 73 Jeff
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    667v to 500v from Mike at TS

    This was from Mike at TS a long time ago. 667v to 500v Conversion look up and print DX500v and 667V PCB Layouts diagram at CBTricks.com http://www.cbtricks.com/Amp/txstar/dx400v_dx500v/graphics/dx400v_dx500v_inter_connection_layout.pdf and DX 667V PCB Layouts 1. remove the...
  9. AudioShockwav

    Stinger base board?

    Just for info...... This is from Rocket Box, they talked about it as a base station stinger board, but the amp draw is going to be too much for a base unless it had a high power pa already. If you are good at bending your own sheet metal this might be a economical kit amp at $140. Looks like...
  10. AudioShockwav

    Sad News Today Chris Darnell killed in Accident

    Chris Darnell, the driver of the Shockwave Jet Truck was killed in a Accident in Battle Creek today. I have followed him for years, this is a sad day. RIP https://abcnews.go.com/US/person-dead-accident-air-show-involving-jet-powered/story?id=86129671 73 Jeff
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    Everyone have a Great 4th of July

    Hope all you guys have a Great, and Safe 4th of July Weekend! 73 Jeff
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    The oldest monster truck?

    Guy built this to deliver mail, had to share. 73 Jeff
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    South Dakota Storms

    That's intense. 73 Jeff
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    5 laps to go Red Flag

    This is going to be a 2 lap shootout @ Indy . Ya Baby! It's been a good race. 73 Jeff
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    More activity on the way

    https://earthsky.org/sun/sun-activity-solar-flare-cme-aurora-updates/ This morning I was up early, and 38 was active. Several guy's , Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, it seemed concentrated around the southern US. And if we get some more sunspots rotating around our way it will get better. 73 Jeff
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    These guys don't get paid enough

    But what a view. 73 Jeff
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    These little radios are getting cheap

    I thought the G90 was about the lowest priced hf rig, then seen this. https://www.csi-radios.com/rs-918-low-cost-sdr-hf-radio/ That's getting down there. 73 Jeff
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    Anyone seen this Anytone?

    Ran across this. It is a little AM/FM radio I have not seen before. Minimum order 500 pcs...
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    Another FM Radio

    https://delboyonline.blogspot.com/2022/04/uniden-pc78ltxfm-first-photos-internal.html Thanks to Delboy. 73 Jeff