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  1. TIN_CAN

    Daiwa CNA-2002 auto tuner

    I picked this up last week, and dont see alot of info on the web about this. Its pretty clean need a good wipe down and insert from fine tune knob is missing guess I can fab something in there. My question is are these any good? takes some time to tune but works, I use a mfj-986 tuner which I am...
  2. TIN_CAN

    Gray 300 with 2879

    Anyone seen this before, someone installed 2879 transistors and joined the pair for a straight eight and drove it with a gray 300 with 455's, looks like a neat project. I found this on ebay a few months ago.
  3. TIN_CAN

    Off Grid Tiny Home

    The wife and I have been talking about buying land for recreation and possible building home on in future, So we ended up finding some property on the Ontario Quebec border in Mattawa. The land is 31 acres with a tiny home on it...going to use for 4 wheeling and snowmobiling and to run my woods...
  4. TIN_CAN

    CRT SS9900 V4 programing software

    Just wondering if anyone could tell me what software is needed for the ss9900 V4? I can only find v1-3 on the net and they don't seem to work, now I am using my program cable from a 6666 which should be the same.
  5. TIN_CAN

    Pride KW-one

    Just wondering what a decent price for one of these would be? Found one the guy is asking $400 Canadian OBO . Anything to look out for one these? No experience with tube amps. Cheers
  6. TIN_CAN

    Dave Made straight 4

    I picked up a Dave Made 4 pill, looks to be an older one by looking at the front of it, in good physical condition with original Toshiba 2879's. But from what I have found online is that DM amps were class C only, but this looks to be set up for ssb? anyone confirm this. Even has a blue pimped...
  7. TIN_CAN

    Astatic 636L wired to 8 pin Yaesu?

    Anyone able to help with wiring a Astatic 636L to a 8 pin Yaesu FT-950. Thanks
  8. TIN_CAN

    Some of my cb stuff

    Decided to clean and organize my storage closet in my computer room, It looked like a rats nest. Kinda neat seeing some old stuff that has not seen the light of day in some time.
  9. TIN_CAN

    Yaesu FT-650 Opinions?

    Looking at a FT-650 in the local classifieds, one owner and is clean except for a few scratched on top case, asking price is $500 Canadian, anything to look out for? Have read that they are built well with good RX and even a built in PS. Cheers
  10. TIN_CAN

    ARF 2001 base station

    Anyone have any experience with one of these ARF 2001 base station? There is one forsale in my area and have never seen or heard of one. The best part is he is asking $2200 ouch! https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1536756889
  11. TIN_CAN

    Scored another DX1600

    Well wife is not the happiest but I picked up a nice used Texas Star DX1600 with original Toshibas in it for $650 Canadian = $494US not bad really This was new just before they phased out the toshibas I think, as you can see its got the newer face plate then my other DX1600. I should also be...
  12. TIN_CAN

    RIP: Eddie Van Halen

    Another Guitar legend lost today. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/eddie-van-halen-dead
  13. TIN_CAN

    Ebay LDMOS amplifiers

    Just wondering if anyone else have seen these things on ebay, the guy is offering 3 different amps 1000w 1500w and 3000wRMS all running blf188xr these would be fun to try out, prices dont seem too bad, then again how is the quality...
  14. TIN_CAN

    Any Campers here? Tent Or Trailer

    The Wife and I were amble to do our first trip of the season last week with our little trailer since parks are now open in Ontario. Was a good weekend but hot as hell, glad we have a generator to run ac when needed, also got to tow with the new to me ford 150 5.0. We used to use a tent but...
  15. TIN_CAN

    Decent Gin pole for cheap

    Thought this Gin pole looks decent and sturdy enough for my needs with just regular tube tv tower...has top section going on in spring and I to am a one pony show as well...this looks easy...I used climb the tower and man handle it into place,,,lol getting tired of that and dangerous to boot...
  16. TIN_CAN

    Shure 526T wired to HR2510?

    Just wondering if anyone here knows how to wire a shure 526t to a HR2510. Much appreciated Cheers!
  17. TIN_CAN

    Texas Star Pinball???

    Anyone seen one of these before? was there not one called the viking ? Cheers! https://www.ebay.com/itm/TEXAS-STAR-PINBALL-2-4-KW-WC-SPECIAL-FOR-AMP-PARTS-REPAIR-ONLY-TECH-SPECIAL/202908177096?hash=item2f3e4512c8:g:8iAAAOSwK~teS1cv
  18. TIN_CAN

    Base Maco VQ3 beam

    I am just wondering if anyone has and experience with this antenna? Seems to be fairly new, the v quad was supposed to be a decent small beam but now vq3 and pretty cheap I am thinking of pulling the trigger on one of these. Cheers!
  19. TIN_CAN

    AC power line conditioner?

    Hello al, I live pretty close to power lines and have an I-max2000. I am trying to cut out as much noise as I can I get usually 2-4s units of static not sure if its related to power lines, my tower is grounded as well as all my gear, I have been using a dsp speaker which is awesome to cut out...
  20. TIN_CAN

    WTB: clean Galaxy 95T2

    Looking around for a clean Galaxy 95T2 must do paypal and ship to Canada. Cheers!