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    Icom 706mkiig Will Not Turn On

    Good morning, Short Version (More detailed version below) Problem: Icom 706MKiiG will not turn on. Steps Taken So Far: Verified that power cord works on my spare 706mkiig Verified that the control head works on my spare 706mkiig Tried working control head on dead radio Opened case and...
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    Cobra 29 LX - Squelch Not Functioning

    Hi all, I have a Cobra 29 LX that was working fine until a couple of weeks ago when the squelch stopped working. I can turn the squelch knob all the way to the right, and the squelch never closes. This occurs whether an antenna is connected or not, so definitely not a noise level issue. I...
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    Cobra 140 GTL Audio Issues (Hiss/Static)

    Hi All, I recently picked up a Cobra 140 GTL (Uniden PC-385 board) and was in the process of bench testing it. When I first started testing it, I thought the squelch was malfunctioning, but I'm beginning to think it is something in the audio chain instead. Here is what's happening: When the...
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    Yeticom Optima III Mobile

    Hi All, I was finally able to get my hands on a Yeticom Optima III mobile. I believe this to be the 3rd gen, as the filter button is now on the clarifier knob and the faceplate says "10-12m AM/FM/SSB Ham Transceiver." If I'm mistaken, please correct me. My problem is, I purchased this used...
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    Cobra 29 Backlit slide switches

    I've been seeing a few Cobra 29's float around ebay that have had LEDs installed to backlight the slide switches. Here is a link to a youtube video showing one that has been done this way: Has anyone done this mod themselves? I'm wondering about LED size and placement.
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    New Rig: Need Help Deciding

    I've decided it's time to replace my aging RCI-2950 that has made it through 3 different vehicles. There's nothing wrong with it, just wanting a new look and a smaller footprint. I'm currently considering a few different rigs and primarily use them in my vehicle for 10m SSB. I do like to be able...
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    Wilson 1000 Magnet Mount - Whip Included

    Selling a Wilson 1000 Magnet Mount antenna. Was tested prior to listing on Ebay. Good condition and 100% operational. Listed on Ebay for $9.95 starting with no reserve. Winning bidder takes it. Wilson 1000 Magnet Mount Antenna
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    Heathkit HN-31 Cantenna, LDG 4:1 or 1:1 Balun

    I am listing a few more items on eBay this week as I am cleaning out my ham station to make room for some new equipment. I have just listed a very nice Heathkit Cantenna Dummy Load as well as a brand new LDG Electronics 1:1 balun, and a LDG Electronics 4:1 balun. Both of the baluns are brand...
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    Radio Shack Pro-2050 300 Channel Scanner

    I have just listed a very nice Radio Shack Pro-2050 300 channel programmable scanner on eBay. It is working 100% and I have had it hooked up for the past few months listening to it in the living room. I am moving to my new house at the end of the week and need to downsize my radio...
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    President Jackson AM/FM/SSB Export Radio

    I have just listed a nice President Jackson Export Radio on eBay. It is working 100% and features 5 bands and AM/FM/USB/LSB modes. Meter and Channel display were replaced with brand new equipment. Radio was aligned and tested prior to being listed Item starts at $0.99 with no reserve and...
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    Cobra 29 LTD Chrome

    I have a Cobra 29 LTD Chrome CB Radio for sale. It is in good condition and has had a brand new RF Limited Turbo Echo Board installed as well as a Mosfet final upgrade. Transmit and receive have been aligned and this radio is in great working condition. I am unsure of what to ask for...
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    Astatic EchoMax 2000 Microphone / Uniden PC68XL Mosfet Radio

    I have just listed two items on Ebay this week. The first is the Astatic EchoMax 2000 microphone I purchased new several years ago. It's currently wired 4 pin cobra/uniden/export. I had it hooked to the President Washington base I sold a couple weeks ago. The microphone works great...
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    Tempo One HF Transceiver & Power Supply

    I just listed a Tempo One 80-10m HF Transceiver that I've owned for many years on Ebay. The Tempo works good and was thoroughly cleaned and aligned in late 2011. The only problem that I found was the output on 10m is low, but I never used this radio much for 10m anyway so I didn't worry...
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    Kenwood TS-440SAT 160-10m Mars/Cap HF Transceiver

    I have just finished listing my Kenwood TS-440SAT radio on Ebay. It has the internal automatic antenna tuner as well as the YK-88CN narrow CW Filter already installed. I am downsizing my radio shack and therefore am selling this radio. My plans are to pick up another ICOM 706MKiiG radio to...
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    President Washington Base Station with Digiscan VFO Installed

    I have just relisted the President Washington base station that I tried to sell on Ebay a couple of weeks ago. It seems that the winning bidder: nippon1961 decided to fall off of the face of the earth and stop responding to emails and never paid. Anyway, he had gotten a hell of a deal but...
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    President Washington AM/SSB Base with Redco Digiscan

    I have just finished listing one of my favorite radios from my personal collection: A President Washington AM/SSB Base with a Redco Digi-Scan unit already installed and working. This radio has been aligned and tested prior to being listed on Ebay. It is in great shape and works 100%...
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    Ebay: President HR2510 & Astatic Road Devil D104 Microphone

    This week I have just finished listing a President HR-2510 radio on Ebay. It is fully functional and I just installed a new top and bottom cover this past week. The new covers cost $60 delivered from an online retailer. The radio works great and looks very nice. It covers 26.000-29.699MHz in...
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    Realistic Pro-2006 400 Channel Scanner in Box

    I have just listed a very nice Realistic Pro-2006 scanner on Ebay. It comes in the original box and includes the scanner and telescoping antenna. The power supply is internal and the scanner plugs into a standard wall outlet for power. It has been clipped to allow additional 800MHz coverage...
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    Ebay: Uniden PC68XL Radio - Mosfet / Blue Custom LEDs

    Just finished listing a nice Uniden PC68XL CB Radio. This radio has had the mosfet final installed. The Channel display has been replaced with a blue display. The TX/RX LED is now Blue/Red instead of Green/Red The Channel 9 Indicator is now Blue Meter light has been replaced with blue...
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    Ebay: ICOM IC-2200h 2m VHF Mobile Radio

    I purchased this radio new from Ham Radio Outlet a couple of years ago. I used it primarily in the house, but ran it mobile for about the past 6 months. It is in excellent condition both cosmetically and functionally. It features 118-174MHz TX/RX (Mars/Cap mod performed) 207 Alpha...