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  1. oldtymer

    Ridiculously Rude Asshats on 80 M

    He's back, heard him a couple of days ago. 40 meters is a great band if you catch the right people to ragchew with. Time of the day or evening makes a difference as to who is on.
  2. oldtymer

    Mic for Uniden Madison

    Turner +2 has more base than the aforementioned ones if you can find one. also a Shure 444 has more low end response.
  3. oldtymer

    Directional 11 meter for SSB to europe

    Surprised no one mentioned a Half Square antenna. Not hard to build and very good for DX contacts.
  4. oldtymer

    What amp to buy?

    Before you buy one of three you mentioned be sure your antenna(s) and feed lines are up to handling it. Any of them will make legal limit and then some; twice that if you drive it hard enough which is only 3db difference. Coax power ratings are lower on higher frequencies at 80 meters it may be...
  5. oldtymer


    Knowledgeable guy but no conceit in his family, he got it all.
  6. oldtymer

    Another one bites the dust

    I hope they enjoy their retirement; will be missed by many myself included.
  7. oldtymer

    IC-7100 more power mod

    Personally I think that modifications that will improve the receiver in a piece of equipment are more important. You can buy or build better antennas with gain or a small amp to boost the tx.
  8. oldtymer

    WTB Heathkit SB220 air deflector top piece

    We used to use that to patch holes in trailers.
  9. oldtymer

    WTB Heathkit SB220 air deflector top piece

    Lowes sells different width aluminum strips they are about 1/16th" thick. They come in 3,4,6 foot lengths. They also have perforated aluminum if you want to replace that. Home Depot has it also.
  10. oldtymer

    This is noise that chokes won't touch

    The only way you can be positive that it is not some device in the house is to hook a battery to the radio and shut off the main breaker in the service panel. If the noise is still there it's coming from an out side source.
  11. oldtymer

    NOS Henry 2KD-5 Amp

    Congrats on a great score! Like finding buried treasure.;)
  12. oldtymer

    The New FTDX10 Compact HF/50MHz 100W SDR

    Never buy anything when first released: radio, automobile, etc. Wait until they have been in use for a while and read the reviews from actual users. Also the price usually drops considerably after the first year or so. Every one of the big 3 Icom, Kenwood & Yaesu have had great radios and they...
  13. oldtymer

    Best antenna for Kenwood ts-520s.

    "Buy cheap,buy twice" they used to say. You don't need to buy the biggest most expensive one but get one that will at least handle legal limit or a touch more in case you add an amplifier later
  14. oldtymer

    Best antenna for Kenwood ts-520s.

    Dentron,Nye-Viking, Drake, Murch are all good tuners. The Heathkit 2040 does not handle 160 the model 2060 will. Ten-Tech made some good tuners also. If you can find a used one that you are confident it is good working order then any of the above will serve you well. the reason I suggested...
  15. oldtymer

    Best antenna for Kenwood ts-520s.

    Buy or better build a good sturdy ladderline fed doublet. invest in a quality manual tuner, I recommend Palstar. Add a Balun Designs or other quality 1-1 current balun. I operated a 520S for many years with this setup and it worked fine. You stated you have a large property. Hopefully there are...
  16. oldtymer

    Toshiba vs HG

    Some of the older HF radios used them for finals also.
  17. oldtymer


    Nice classic radio BJ. I had a Tram Titan many years ago & it was a great radio. Trams, Brownings, & Sonars were the best radios around when I was a youngster.
  18. oldtymer

    Oldie but a Goodie

    That photo was from a long time ago before the drunks and assholes started hanging out there. There was a good group that used to be in there but they moved on.
  19. oldtymer

    Technician HF

    Never had knee replacement and it is not something I would want. A friend of mine had it done & the recovery took a while. Now that I am older I can't climb any more. Fortunately when I put mine up 20 years ago I bought a Hazer for it. Appreciate it more now than ever. Hope all goes well with...
  20. oldtymer

    A Dipole for your CB Base Station?

    Leave the ends uncut this way you have 36' one wavelength.Reinforce the center with some flat ABS.