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    Well..The Saturn Turbo is back on the bench and I need help!!!

    Some, may not want to hear this or like it. If the owner of the radio has such affinity to the golden screwdrivering of the radio that you repaired, that it is more than evident he has 'adjusted' the unit to death, I would send it back to him, charge him for the shipping and never look back. I...
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    I am looking to sell my stuff.

    Your asking price for the 2600? Have the old caps be changed out? THANKS
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    Cobra 2000 dead key issue

    I would squirt some contact cleaner on VR-10, run it through from stop to stop several times, reset your dead key and see how that goes, might need to replace the pot, does it look cracked? Those radios are showing their age, might if all else fails look at replacing the electrolitic caps, I...
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    Malcolm Technical Support

    You will not find a better ICOM tech than Scott Malcolm of MTS, GRADE A # 1 for sure. I've been using him for years...........
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    just checking interest...

    You gonna tell us what your thinking of asking for either transceiver?
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    142 gtl rust

    If you are able to remove the rear panel from the radio, get a cookie sheet and soak the back panel in Hydrogen peroxide, available at all drug stores and the big box stores, let it soak awhile and enjoy the results. You may have to soak several times if the rust is heavy.
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    YES, operator head space.............
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    Solarcon IMAX 2000 DISCONTINUED

    Truth, It's been on it's deathbed for quite a while and is appropriate, if one likes their equipment, better hang on to it, going, going, gone.............
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    ARRL is Loosing my Membership/If passed!

    Been an Amateur for 63 years, got a complete belly full of the ARRL many years ago, I would be a member if it was free.
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    New equipment!

    The Yaesu FT 4700 RH is a VHF/UHF 144MHZ/440MHZ Dual band 12 VDC mobil unit. I haven't a clue what a Boomer deluxe 250 gold is or what frequencies it operates on. I've been a Ham Operator for 61 years and never heard of the latter unit. I hope I have helped. Good fortune on your Technizian's...
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    Stryker 955 HP

    I would speak with someone reliable. The problem might have been the receiving station. Failing that I would put a dummy load on the output of my radio and listen on another radio, physically some distance apart and see if that "crackle" disappears.....
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    how close can a 2m J-pole be to a tower and not have problems

    I often wonder why certain people cannot/will not/are not capable of simply answering a question. Don't include your two cents about antennas, who cares ? If you cannot simply answer a question, just move on and don't be RUDE........
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    A99 mount

    H.F. (all of it including 10/11 Meters is a compromise, always has been and always will be. Experiment, do it and try it for a few days/weeks, try to improve it. You will get tons of 'advice", and most of it bad. Experiment and compromise those are the operative words here. I remember once...
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    Don't know for sure, but I would imagine the power supply's were an economically driven purchase. The company probably bought a boatload of them for a very very good price. I once called Autek to order something, the guy on the phone was a real JERK, typical of many in business, typically the...
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    ARRL is Loosing my Membership/If passed!

    Gary, I gave up on the ARRL several years ago, I do not miss anything they did or say.....73.....Mac (W4glm)
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    Anti Seize For Antennas

    I believe the product you are looking for is NO-ALOX, been using the stuff for years, works great.....Mac I believe most any electrical supply store caries it, also home depot, lowe's.....
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    Do you own a VOM ? Do you have the schematic on your radio ? If no schematic, CB Tricks has it. If you are not comfortable using a VOM, I would double or triple box your radio wrapped securely with bubble wrap and send it back to Galaxy for the repair
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    Is your R.F. Gain control turned up ?
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    2950dx vco

    Go here for your information: http://www.cbtricks.com/radios/rci/rci_2950dx/index.htm