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  1. DXman

    East Malaysia

    Made a nice contact to 58RC001 (Helmy) in East Malaysia this early evening. He was also working a lot of stations in S. America. S5 on the signal. He told me I was his 1st contact to N. America..... Then a few minutes later I was in QSO with my good friend Jan from Thailand and 155da441 (Gary)...
  2. DXman

    Hong Kong tonight......

    Well I worked Igor again from Hong Kong tonight and also a long time radio friend from Thailand - Jan I use to talk to Jan when he was living in the Netherlands and head of the IR radio club back in 2000. So it was nice to chat with him again.
  3. DXman

    Hong Kong tonight......

    Well groundwire here is a couple cards of my 11 meter contacts to China, just so you can believe it.
  4. DXman

    Hong Kong tonight......

    There is a lot of Japanese using the 11 meter band. I can here them just about everyday through the winter mo's, when we are close to the peak of cycle. I have only made contact to the China mainland 4 or 5 times on 11 meters, but now there is about 4 stations that are active from Hong Kong...
  5. DXman

    Hong Kong tonight......

    It took several try's, but finally got through the traffic from Brazil. Got to him with a S5 and a 100 watt Icon 7300. This makes the 4th contact to Hong Kong over the years, all on 11 meters. Been also busy working lots of Finland, Sweden and many others from over there. The next 2 mo's should...
  6. DXman

    A True SWR Mystery

    The 1st thing I would do would be to remove the amp. when the swr is high, then recheck. Then you will know if it's in the feed line, antenna or amp. It might also be in the radio..........
  7. DXman

    What do you call these weird warbling noises?

    These noises are typical for when we get closer to the "peak" of the cycle, they are really more pronounced on 27.555. Chris if you had a beam and would point it towards Alaska, then you would really hear the stronger signals. Lots of FM/AM signals will be showing up from Japan and along the...
  8. DXman

    AM High power broadcasting stations in the USA. Which do you listen to?

    Here in Washington, back in the 60's, I could pick up WLS in Chicago. That was on a small alarm clock radio with a wire running from the back of it up to one of the tv guy lines. Summer time only tho.
  9. DXman

    RCI 2970DX Receive Help Needed

    I have a 2970N2, got it about 5 mo's after they 1st came out. I have notice the "white noise" is less on this radio than all my other 29750's/2970's dx models. Buy using a "clear speech" speaker from West Mountain Radio, the "white noise" is more tolerable.
  10. DXman

    Predator 10K

    Groundhog - I had the same antenna mounted on the roof of my old F150 for about 6 yrs, I was very pleased with it. There are a couple things you should do to make sure that the antenna is really working good. 1) Put a antenna analyzer on it. 2) Make sure all the coils are evenly spaced before...
  11. DXman

    Thailand and others....

    groundwir - at that moment we were on 27.545 usb. Blackcat63 - was nice to chat with you also, you have excellent audio from that radio.
  12. DXman

    Thailand and others....

    Yesterday evening just close to dark here on the coast, Philippines was coming pretty strong around 6:00 Pacific time and while I was scanning the upper 11 meter band, I came across two guys talking. As it turned out I had just talked to the two of them and they were talking to a friend that I...
  13. DXman

    30-30 Ammo

    Alabama Buckeye - that's what I also loaded for my 270, I first started with 130 gr. but that was to light, bullet completely "blew up" inside a couple inches on a Black tail deer. I then went up the 140gr and that worked pretty good. I also loaded my '06 with the 150gr B-Tip, excellent accuracy...
  14. DXman


    BigLou - this may help you. http://www.qrz11.com/upload/QRZ11-DXCC-MAP.jpg
  15. DXman

    30-30 Ammo

    Nosler ammo has always been high priced. I use to reload a lot of their Ballistic Tip and Partition bullets, but no more.
  16. DXman

    30-30 Ammo

    This is the one that I go to - Ammo Search
  17. DXman

    Activation now on - 11 meters

    Activation from 197 div. is now going. Freq. 27.580 usb. Full call is 197DA/OC035 (Vanuatu - IRIRIKI Is.) Good luck
  18. DXman

    Europe to California

    Well I seen yesterday on a cluster that several stations from EU (Italy, Austria etc) were working stations in Monterey, Sacramento & LA etc. in the 40 ch. area of 11 meters. So things are looking better for the west coast. Even Utah was in there working Italy. I did manage to talk to one...
  19. DXman

    External speaker recommendations

    As everyone knows that running a RCI 2950/2970dx has lots of white noise on ssb, but using a West Mountain DSP speaker can really clean up the noise. I use one on the base and will also use one again in the mobile when "ever" I get one installed again. This speaker really makes the weak signals...
  20. DXman


    Ok Handy Andy, I have seemed to have corrected the problem. Although I am not on any other sites where any one can follow me, nor do any sites have my Phone #, but what ever I did in my preference done the trick. Thanks for your help..... DXman