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    Carl Built

    I heard he got sick I think over a year ago. That was second hand information. A good friend of mine wanted me to ride with him to the shop because he had an appointment to replace the driver in a 1x4. That was at least two or more years ago. About one hour drive from me in the town of...
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    Carl Built

    In the past maybe...not sure. There are two Dave Made makers. Joe in NC and the other guy, Mark I think, in Alabama. One linked below is Alabama, or it use to be couple years back. https://www.davemadeamps.com/
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    Carl Built

    Yes Dave Made from Alabama that's where mine came from a couple years back. I believe the mans name is Mark I think. From what I was told, Dave does not build, but Mark is authorized to build his designs. Joe (Dave Made Mobi) was in a small town south of High Point, NC. I do know some of the...
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    JT-400 Coax

    I am using JEFA Tech low loss 400 coax. I don't know compared to Times LMR400 because I have never used 400 type coax ever. I used the JEFA Tech to replace an old run of RG213. Mine came with nickel/silver PL-259 that had been crimped on the coax side, and soldered on the contact side...
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    PowerMax 100amp Adjustable Powers Supplies on Sale

    Down below is your warranty if you use it for amps or radios. This is directly from Powermax VP Sales, Errin Tribble. Eventually, I was issued an RMA plus I would have had to pay a restocking fee of 20% and shipping for a defective unit. Luckily, I sold it to a friend that needed it to charge...
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    Anytone 6666 Question

    Yes SSB is easy to turn down on the quad 6. I can run at 12 watts true peak very easily by adjusting the variable power.
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    PowerMax 100amp Adjustable Powers Supplies on Sale

    I bought the 60 amp model round about two years ago from the same Don Rowe website. Great price too. Don Rowe is a drop shipper. Mine came from Powermax in Florida. Beware though if you have a problem with it. Mine was making a big hum on my radio. Don Rowe would not take it back, and...
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    WDX Roster

    Add me please. Name: David Handle: RickyBobby Number: 303--it's still available from the list I checked. Location: Hickory, NC USA
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    Anytone quad 6

    Got a picture of your fan setup? Would like to put a fan on my Quad 6. Once my amp gets rebuilt, about 35 to 40 watts pep with a 4 to 5 watt carrier is all that I will be running my radio at. I do get long winded, so a fan mounted to the heatsink would help with cooling. Best radio I have...
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    Anytone quad 6

    Is this a recently purchased radio? How do you know it has 13n10's? I just bought one about a month ago, and mine runs hot too especially if it is run wide open. It's doing 78 watts true peak tuned from the factory on AM. Does 62 watts on sideband. Been running mine about 40 to 45 watts, and...
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    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    I agree with that because I went down that rabbit hole chasing a better mic for the latest Lincoln 2 V3. Have tried various mics on a recently purchased Anytone 6666, and the stock mic sounds better than any of them.
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    New Sirio 1/2 wave Gain Master

    I watched the Gainmaster 1/2 wave build video. It's not that much different than a T2LT vertical dipole antenna. The top half of the Gainmaster build is using 16 awg(1.5mm) stranded copper wire while a T2LT is using RG58 coax with the outer covering, and ground wires removed. I have been...
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    Maco Comet antenna retailer

    I buy lots of stuff from R&L Electronics. https://store2.rlham.com/shop/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=9335&osCsid=94570keu6mu270i1reep0v8cn0
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    11111111111 on 38 lsb. WTH???

    Arizona has been dominating my radio. And yes Sky Banger has it mostly locked down on 38 spewing nonsense. I think the 1111... guy/gal starts going at it when Sky Banger is flapping his lips. Anyway, I have been on the other sideband channels including 41 and up. Have not heard anybody on...
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    Anytone at-6666 v3

    I got an Anytone 6666 for Christmas! It was bought from Amazon. Seller was Lucky Product. The one I got has hot AM. True peak at 72 watts out of the box. Side band was 60 watts. FM was dead on 35 watts. Manual says 45 watts for FM, but I think they lowered that because that could be a bit...
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    How much carrier output?

    25 watts per Toshiba 2879 is what I have been doing for over 20 years now. Original Dave Made 1x4 mobile I ran at a 100 watt carrier for round about 8 years in my 18 wheeler. Ended up selling it for more than what I paid for it.
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    11 meter is very quiet?

    NE Corner booming in here to NC right now which has been very rare lately.
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    Joke Of The Day: Effingham VS. Superhawk

    Purchase history on my end the last one sold 11/22/22 for $297.99. Just a pricing error I think. At their other online store, CB Radio Supply, you can buy a President McKinley shipped to the door for $175. Waiting on mine to be delivered because I did order one. Shipped from Carrolton...
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    Palomar TX 400

    Depending on the size of the amp, even a large flat rate box would not be enough to pack an amp securely. I double box, and use lots of bubble wrap when I ship an amp. Last amp I shipped was a Cobra 450, and there was no way I could get enough packing material in a large flat rate box to...
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    Solar panels

    Neighbor had solar panels installed almost two years ago, and I can't hear crap during the day time. Be very careful about buying. My neighbor had Power Home Solar to install his, and then they changed their name to Pink Energy, and then quickly went out of business blaming it on Generac...