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    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

    Hope all have a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas......as well as good DX! Hope to see ya on the bands in the coming year. 73 from S Texas Garry KF5VDX
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    best rf ground strap

    Read chapter on bonding. K0BG.COM the best mobile sight on the web Bond doors to cab body, body to frame, hood to body then to frame, exhaust to frame it takes time and effort but well worth !! 1 s unit in reduced noise is the same as adding an s unit of audio.... so bonding etc can be a great...
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    CQ Dx Contest

    Bands were full.....conditions were good. May not have been as good as last year but good none the less! Surely Some of our forum guys were on the bands ? Anyone work any rare Dx ? I caught 5 new DXCC entries, worked 94 countries during the weekend even with very bad weather conditions here in...
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    Swaziland today - 11 meters

    Good one!! I'm jealous!! Very good !! I heard a station in Ghana today on 10 mtrs, but too weak to work. Did get into South Africa for a short Qso. Africa is tough for me and the number of operators make all Africa CQ calls a pileup. 73 see ya next weekend on the bands
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    QSL cards - Africa, Indian/Alantic ocean

    Cool Cards !!! 73 From S Texas Garry
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    QSL cards - N./S. Pacific

    Good stuff ! I like the AT and DA cards really cool. 73
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    CQ SSB Dx Contest Results

    The 2014 results are finally published. My results as a 2nd year rookie, 183,933 points. I worked as a Single Op, Low Power, with the rookie overlay. Results were not quite double last year but enough to win the 5 call area stateside with the rookie overlay. Placed 6 in the 5 call area without...
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    IMAX 2000/40 METERS

    I agree the noise floor can keep you from hearing most signals at times. I at one time had an S6-7 noise level in my tacoma. All I heard was the guys with big signals that could bust thru the automobile generated noise. After using the bonding techniques from K0BG.com website I've been able to...
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    IMAX 2000/40 METERS

    DX contacts sometimes have no bearing on efficient antennas.....it's conditions and luck of having your radio tuned to a particular spot on the band....the luck of the Irish, right time at the right place. I operate mobile and portable almost 100% and only wish I had a way to get more metal in...
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    QSL cards and 10 meters

    Could not get the cards I posted to edit so my 10 meters report here. 10-12 has been showing to be "fair" conditions.....yesterday and today both were decent for Dx, it just took more operator effort. As the upper band conditions are posted as fair or poor many days it has much fading but the...
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    QSL Cards and 10 meters

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    My new Big Mistake Mobile Antenna- TBD.

    Wilson 1000-5000 both have ~60 inch ss whip....less wind drag....damage a ss whip it's 10 bucks to replace it. No spring just a tapered ss whip. Good luck Check out K0BG.COM for a ton of mobile tricks.....bonding is a key to good ears and mobile operation
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    Beads, Ferrities ?..

    The Mix is VERY important.....31 is good for HF. Place the choke as close the feed point as possible. K0BG.com has a chapter devoted to all things chokes, mixes, etc.. Good reading
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    Help Me Make A Decision Please

    Spend money on the antennas....a flag pole or ?? Antron 99 with a wind sock?? A wire loop in the trees works for me and it is invisible from the street, works 10-40 mtrs and is very quiet. Google HOA antennas stealth antennas If you can't hear them...you can't work them is an old but true...
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    HF nets

    Daily DX net on 20 meters.....14.237 around 600am cst Some days several Dx stations on from around the world.
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    Merry Christmas and Good Dx in the coming year

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our forum! Good Dx 73's
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    Avanti Moonraker 6 new in box

    These are well built, strong antennas....I had a 4 element Moonraker in the 70s. The four was a large antenna....the 6 is even larger.....I don't remember the boom length on either antenna? I think the 4 was about 14 feet? Fiberglas spreaders on the reflector .... Change all to Fiberglas and...
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    Congrats to Marconi / WDX-390 for winning the Dec 2014 Contest

    Great !! Dx is alway more gun if you know the others or have a common interest. Good Dx
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    ARRL 10 meter contest & Laos contact

    10 meters was FULL.....band edge to band edge! This afternoon!! I did not work the contest due to time limits but was able Listen 30 minutes before the contest ended. I did listen for rarer DX stations, looking for any new ones for DXCC. Worked a XW4YT in Laos after the contest ended! A new one...