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    Yaesu FT840 transmit issue.

    The receive in this unit works excellent. when I key the microphone and watch the needle on the meter the needle goes from the middle of the meter to zero. When I unkey the needle goes back to the middle of the meter where it was originally. Any thoughts?
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    Connex 3300hp

    Thanks for the input. I will try that.
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    Connex 3300hp

    I have a Connex 3300hp. When the radio is turned on I have no TX/Rx. If I wait about 1 minute all of a sudden the radio starts receiving and transmitting. Anyone have any thoughts?
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    Anyone need a classic AM radio?

    In one breath you talk cars in another you talk about radios, no comparison!
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    Ranger 63FFC4

    Can anyone give me the correct procedure for converting the RCI 63FFC4 radio to standard 40 channels? Thanks, Partsman