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    Re-claim 16 LSB contest Dec 24-31, 2022

    I want to play but don't have a real 12 watt ssb cb... but I'll sandbag a bit today on lsb16.
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    A very strange occurrence....

    I actually do have ferrites on all the cables at the back of the SignaLink. So I guess now the mystery deepens.
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    A very strange occurrence....

    Ok so here was 24hrs or so of no radio hooked up. Most of it was garbage but you can see callsigns and even the CQ call at the top.
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    A very strange occurrence....

    I sometimes run JS8 call on 11m. A few times now I have shut down my radios (power supply disconnected from wall), but my SignaLink is still on. Yesterday I left for work and still received a whole bunch of 11m meter activity. A couple of weeks ago I had no radios on my desk and just the...
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    "idiot" blocking up ch 19.

    Try Lowes in the cleaner department, it's right next to the Anti-Splatter spray. They have it in gallon jugs for when the skip rolls in.
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    Thoughts on Stryker Radios

    I just put a new front bezel and display PCB in my old 955, I forgot how much I liked using this radio. Besides tons of voice contacts, I have worked some of Europe and Australia with JS8Call and SSTV with this radio as well.
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    "idiot" blocking up ch 19.

    Yeah I "heard the turd" on 38lsb yesterday, bashing his usual suspects. Not too good of a signal though, amazing how a stock Stryker 955 sounds like a stock 955 when there's no amp behind it.
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    QYT CB-58 Handheld CB Radio

    I wish I took a picture of the scope. It was a sight to see.
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    Taking bets on where Fine Tune pops up next

    The D-RAIL radio? I think those sound horrible.
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    QYT CB-58 Handheld CB Radio

    Don't buy it, I bought one and it's terrible. I saw it on a scope and it's not AM or FM, if looks like it's doing both at the same time no matter what the modulation setting is, and it was off frequency. Go for the President Randy, they have an AM/FM model now.
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    Reclaim LSB 16

    I just tried again at 3pm local time here in Florida, nothing this time.
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    Reclaim LSB 16

    Hey we just made a contact on 16 LSB! 762 Florida here.
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    Stryker 955 v1 Channel selector/encoder...

    Does anyone know of a better replacement than Stryker's part to fix the encoder? My old 955's encoder is almost unusable. I could buy one from Stryker for $10 and replace it, but if anyone has any suggestions for a better part I am all ears. Thanks.
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    Stryker Sr-955 Version 2

    I'm dying laughing right now!
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    Anytone 6666 + Signalink

    I use that same setup for JS8Call and ROS sometimes. It works well. Keep your digital mode TX around 10w, if you go too much higher you will get a hot radio and splatter. I have a fan behind it blowing on the radio when I do digital stuff.
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    New 2 Me Used AT6666 is this Correct?

    What is soldered to the shield over the mosfets? That has me curious.
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    tone on channel 19 the last 5 days?

    Is it a constant tone? I could have sworn I heard FT8 on ch 19 yesterday.
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    KL 203 Fan

    I did the same thing to one of those amps, i used some big sheet metal screws that were able to thread between the fins of the heatsink and hold the fan there and ran the wires inside to connect to the 12v. One set of power wires and fan is always on. Great little amp for what it is.
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    What is this? Sounds like a tone generated from an Atari 2600 cart

    Was that CH18 AM or was that sideband?
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    What is this? Sounds like a tone generated from an Atari 2600 cart

    Sounds like a digital mode to me. But ch 18? That's a weird place to do it.