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    Lost most rx ft847

    My 847 is sickly. I have rx but its low. Way low. I can kick on the built in preamp and it goes up some, but overall its 10s units low without the preamp. Anyone got any good ideas? Nothibgs on that shouldnt be. No attenuator, cables good and all that. Thanks
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    Qrm eliminator phase. Electrical noise

    The more I experiment on the minivan the more I like it! And in the house I replaced the 6m verticle with an old shakespeare 1/2 wave big stick. Big improvement.
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    Lemm AT107 problem.

    5/8 has to have a good ground plane. I'd guess you're not getting it even with the radials. Do you have an analyzer
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    Spacing between on an automobile

    I know your field pattern and efficiency changes when you have more than one resonant antenna on a vehicle. What happens if you have a main tx/rx antenna dead center of the roof and another rx antenna 8 inches away? Both are the same type of cb mag mount antenna.
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    Qrm eliminator phase. Electrical noise

    In the house I am using a 1/4 wave 6meter groundplane. In the vehicle I'm using a mag mount antenna behind another mag mount antenna. I cant find any info on using it in a mobile situation so I'm trying and learning. I have nodded the box a little. I had to ground the 3 rehostats, moved the...
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    Qrm eliminator phase. Electrical noise

    Same light generating the noise, except I'm in the mobile. Local station on am.
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    Qrm eliminator phase. Electrical noise

    Qrm eliminator on the bench. Pretuned it for the lul in signal. On ssb talking to some locals. I turned on a lamp that creates the interference. Purpose of this one is to show the difference in the interference as well the effect on the station I was listening to. Upcoming video of the unit...
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    Rf sense keying cir cap size

    Anyone tried or noticed a difference in keying activation wattage when using a different size cap to sample the rf?
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    First QRP uBitx contact.

    I like my ubitx. I put mine in an old cb base gutted. Added a gel cell 12v battery inside. It's my power fail radio and fun qrp. Its actually impressive for what it is
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    Qrm eliminator phase. Electrical noise

    Had a big long review wrote out. It disappeared. Just watch the video
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    Qrm eliminator mobile use

    We have tons of noise in town. Led lights, billboards and god know what else. Up to a 9+ in front of various stores. So my wonder was if anyone had tried the phasing qrm eliminator out in a mobile setup? I'm thinking about trying it this weekend.
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    Our Friend Marconi

    Dang it man.
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    Pcb manufacturers

    So out of these outfits, is there one I can make a line drawing for and they would do the pcb lay out? I'm not familiar with laying out parts on a board. Point to point is all I've ever done.
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    Pcb manufacturers

    It's just point to point and all in my head. I've not laid out anything for board format yet wires and parts everywhere. Itll fit on a 3x3 single layer board prob.
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    Pcb manufacturers

    Outta currosity, have you had them assemble the board or just had them make the board
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    Pcb manufacturers

    I'm looking for a manufacturer that will burn small quantity pcb's and help lay it out for a project. Anyone ever used anyone for that?
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    Anti static strap on a car and antenna proformance

    I realize that. I'm just wondering if it would help make a better one.
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    Anti static strap on a car and antenna proformance

    I've been thinking about something. Yeah o think about a bunch of stuff all the ti e. What are the possibility that you could add a chain or a real antistatic ground strap to your car. Would adding that and making a better ground from the car to the real earth make the ground plane work better...
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    Porcupine car

    Trimag mount, 10,20,40,75 meter hamsticks. Didnt play with it much tet but yes it got close to tuned. Atu did the rest. Gonna work in it more later
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    Why are mobile CB radios stuck in the 70s?

    After ssb and 40ch was lined out, what was left? The pll changed the game but other than digitizing like some imports what's left on the old designs to add? FM? Smt components have changed the ability to do much, processors have locked us into specific channels, parts so pitiful you cant peak...