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    Anytone 5555 identification.

    How can I tell what version I'm looking at? One is for sale near me and owner has no clue of age/version. Thanks, GRINDER797
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    ROBYN T-123B help needed

    Did you get this straightened out? I had no modulation on my Teaberry Model T and swap 6bq5s around and got modulation back but almost dead recieve. Gonna replace the one bad tube with a 7189 my brother gave me.
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    Oscilloscope help please

    A little late but I have a pic of the coax T I modded.
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    My barefoot station

    I ran a 102" whip on a small, 2 door, Saturn. Made a trunk mount and it worked great and looked like a RC car, hahaha!
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    Skip for Low wattage Stock cb crowd lsb 30

    I remember trying to revive 16LSB years ago, dont think it went anywhere. I'm sure conditions had a big impact then, like now.
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    Oscilloscope help please

    I made a sampler pickup out of a coax T. Works great. T has 2 females, opposing each other, and 1 Male. Un screw the Male appendage and cut it off, flush, with the insulator. File a screw driver slot in the end so you can screw it in, plus it's now udjustable.
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    2 meter transverter

    I bought a dedicated 2 Meter Kenwood TR751 and a Arrow 4el. Havent bothered with the yagi, just use a mobile dual bender antenna. Sometimes these all mode 2m radios pop up cheap.
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    radio 'sondes' on VHF and UHF

    You vertical or horizontal? Have a 4 el to put up. SW Ohio.
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    Is 2 meter and other bands all dead all the time?

    I live between Cincinnati and Dayton and work 2nd shift. I hear some chatter on simplex and repeaters but mostly weekends.
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    Got my cb base up and running!!

    Definitely make your own dipole. I used and old RG58 50 footer. Stripped 9 feet, bunched up the braid, pulled the center conductor through the braid at the 9ft point. Tied a loop at the braid/conductor separation point and used the last 6 inches, of the braid and conductor, to make loops. Goes...
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    HR-2510 Output

    I'm not looking for swing, just proper tune. I had a Jackson, but it's been years. I have a large print schematic for it and a couple similar chassis. I'll check it more thoroughly when I get back from vacation.
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    HR-2510 Output

    Thanks Andy. I'll have a look through the service manual but not sure I have all the stuff for a proper alignment. At work now so just seeing what people run at.
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    HR-2510 Output

    What do you guys, that own one, run your carrier and SSB at? Bought the radio last year and just fired it up. Carrier was burying my dost at 20W, didn't check SSB output yet. Dropped carrier to 4...
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    CB tool needed

    If someone has this socket, could you measure what size it is so I can make some at work. I have a bunch of extra sockets just need some specs.
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    Soldering trouble

    I watched a show where they used old school heated irons like that to do copper roofing. Was cool to watch.
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    July 1 - 4 Contest Rules

    Didn't get on today, too much work getting ready for tomorrow's pool party... I work 2nd shift so you know what I'm doing now.
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    July 1 - 4 Contest Rules

    I'll try 10M tomorrow, just a Tech.
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    Dentron 2500B Question

    I had one a few years ago. After I realized the tubes were not something I wanted to deal with down the road, I sent it down the road. Never turned it on.
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    WDX Roster

    Add me WDX490 Grinder 797 Chris Monroe, Oh
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    Driver and finals

    Try pa mode with an external speaker.