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  1. cralt

    AM High power broadcasting stations in the USA. Which do you listen to?

    News Radio 88 now 880 WCBS NYC. When I was little I built a Chrystal radio and this was the only station I could hear. I still listen to it today when I get tired of political crap and the same songs over and over the the FM dial. When I am working far away out of state its cool to tune it in at...
  2. cralt

    CB Shops on the Air

    Ive been hearing the I 44 Cb Store, Joplin, Missouri on ch19. Band has never been open to me that way but I am starting to hear more stuff out there now.
  3. cralt

    "idiot" blocking up ch 19.

    I haven't heard him since he got kicked from the KOA. His path to CT must be lost now.
  4. cralt

    President Radio Repair Service

    Hey its not a CB shop on wheels at least. Looks like he has been around a long time :unsure:
  5. cralt

    Taking bets on where Fine Tune pops up next

    What guy? In the video above the Drail guy is barely in to the adjacent channels. He is 53db down off his carrier there. If you want measure him at -60 then he is only ~50k wide. Not great, not terrible.
  6. cralt

    Taking bets on where Fine Tune pops up next

    Ive never heard D-rail over the air but MMM sounds awesome coming out of my radio. Some of these SDR captures don't sound so hot.
  7. cralt

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Heard Ireland loud and clear on 39LSB but couldn't make the contact. The CT coast guys where racking them all up. I think I need to get a little more fire in my mobile wire. Then I heard England on 19 AM
  8. cralt

    ads going crazy,,,

    Brave browser stops most junk on most sites right out of the box. Even blocks Youtube ad's. You can turn off video autoplay to stop those annoying autostarting videos on website. https://brave.com/
  9. cralt

    New Anytone (Graces)

    It looks like a Bill II with a remote face. Very cool they are putting PL/DPL on the FM side.
  10. cralt

    11 meter is very quiet?

    19 was a wall of carriers yesterday.
  11. cralt

    Can someone educate me about CB Ch. 6 AM (27.025) ?

    I don't notice much bleed over from 6 anymore. To be competitive on that channel now a-days you need your gear to be somewhat on point I guess. They got a funny way of talking and but its just some guys having fun aint bothering no one.
  12. cralt

    Soft Drive

    This meme doesn't make any sense... RV's don't have basements :unsure:
  13. cralt

    Soft Drive

    The gate from Drail's side. Pt1 Pt2, took phone calls on the air.
  14. cralt

    "idiot" blocking up ch 19.

    Been going on alot longer then 2 days. Just some random links here https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=38844 Lark Hadley is the FCC guy who covers New Mexico. https://www.fcc.gov/general/western-region
  15. cralt

    How do you store your electronic parts?

    I use these boxes. They stack nice on my shelves and you can write on them easy. Staples and Amazon has them in 25 and 50 packs.
  16. cralt

    What cha listenin' to right now?

    The old timers on channel 22 doing their daily rundown of health ailments
  17. cralt

    CB FM Mode

    Anyone hear anything about the Uniden FM radios? PC78 LTXFM https://fcc.report/FCC-ID/AMWUT434/5668594.pdf and 880 FM? https://simonthewizard.com/2022/04/29/new-cb-uniden-bearcat-880-fm-am/
  18. cralt

    Non-typical repeater application.

    This one seems to have good reviews. amazon link Looks like it would at least get you in the ball park with power, freq, and swr. A free thing you could do first is put your bofangs the same freq and with a helper go to the different points and see if you can talk to each other. If you can...
  19. cralt

    Thinking about making my first experimental Di-Pole for my garage. ( Got Questions )

    Ya as long as your soldering the bare wire that ties the shield in it should work. Do you have a SWR meter?