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  1. Grogan

    amp conversion

    Was looking at a two-tube 3-500Z amp. It is made for 11 meters AM was wondering how hard it would be to convert it for 80 meters AM.
  2. Grogan

    Base Maco V5000 radial question

    I have a Maco M104 that is flat with an Antron 99 above it. It works well. If I had the V-5000 I would experiment. I wonder how well it would match without the radials. If it works good with them on and everything matches. leave it.
  3. Grogan

    Galaxy DX86V

    Still no teck data for tune-up?
  4. Grogan

    Galaxy DX86V

    Also looking for tune-up locations for The DX-86V great radio. Thanks for any info.
  5. Grogan

    Galaxy DX86V mods

    anybody have full tune up locations or a link.. thanks
  6. Grogan

    I-Max 200 Flat match 3:1

    well I think I have a problem with the top section. after 60 mph wind gusts the march is high. It's on top of my maco 4 element so I am going to change it out later. Looking at a vertical stick with no ground plane for its a replacement.Too many people I know have had problems with the size and...
  7. Grogan

    Mag mount Mobil antenna.

    The Wilson 1000 I had lasted many years and one day I pulled the magnet from the van and the whole bottom of the antenna came apart. Yesterday we did an install for a friend and found his Wilson top section had a loose mount for the whip (the small piece with the Allen screws) and was full of...
  8. Grogan

    Mag mount Mobil antenna.

    Looking to buy a new mag-mount antenna and what's best. Wilson 1000 Sirio Performer 5000 or the Stryker SRA-10 ?
  9. Grogan

    I always hear buy a HF Rig for 11 meters.

    I see my post surfaced again. Here is an update. I did buy the Yaesu FT-891 and love it and I was reading how to make the audio better on AM. I bought one of the BM-800 microphones and set up the internal EQ for the best audio. someone online posted the settings if you google them. Sounds good...
  10. Grogan

    Mounted my 980

    I bought one from amazon and it went bad in a month .got a refund. Bought another same thing. Turned out my imax had was going bad and I finally saw it on the meter. Bought number three and used it in the house and then mobil.still working and sold it to a guy who still uses it. I like the...
  11. Grogan

    Yaesu FT-891 And BM-800

    I bought a new Yaesu FT-891 and paired it up with the eBay special BM-800 mic. The mic was 30.00 with all accessories and after setting the radio eq to settings found online I am told the radio sounds great and everyone wants to know what I am using. The radio also sounds good on AM as well...
  12. Grogan

    Export radio choices..

    I have an FT-891. Use it for SSB. And it works great. I put a boom mic on it and set up the internal eq for am. They don’t have the AM punch of a FB radio. I wouldn’t have one as my only radio.
  13. Grogan

    Need a high power dummy load

    Palstar DL5K. .5000 for 30 seconds. 1000 cont. not cheap but 12 lbs.
  14. Grogan

    Galaxy CB warranty repair.

    Update.......Shipped out June 12 and got the 959B back today. Tested and working Good. Full power and on frequency...Nice work from The shop who does Galaxy Warranty work....
  15. Grogan

    Galaxy CB warranty repair.

    Well I called back and got an answer and it turns out the have a problem with their email. I resubmitted the form and have the address to send the radio.
  16. Grogan

    Galaxy CB warranty repair.

    Called and e-mailed for return authorization. No answer and no reply on email-mail for 3 days, is there a problem or just keep trying?
  17. Grogan

    Vertical antenna

    Thats a good sign. And also Bell's answered my question ( same Day, WoW ) and The Imax 2000 is still 10 meters. Might have to give The Maxx 2000 a try Or the gain master. still looking
  18. Grogan

    Vertical antenna

    Was his called the imax 2000 or I see solarcon has changed it to just the max 2000
  19. Grogan

    Vertical antenna

    Wondering where he got the imax 2000
  20. Grogan

    Vertical antenna

    Was looking at the Siri Vector 4000 but it doesn’t seem to be available. Hearing they shortened the I-Max 2000 is that true. Was wonder what to get. Didn’t want to go with an antenna with Radials. Is the Sirio gain master or something else the antenna of choice. Thanks