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  1. CroMagnum

    Atomic powered Vehicle

    Ford already did it back in 1957. It was called the Nucleon.
  2. CroMagnum

    Tech support help!

    What's wrong with fracking? Personally I always wanted to have tap water that bursts into flames. :biggrin: Gasland
  3. CroMagnum


    The coolest thing Farmer Dave made was a one-piece PCB that required no soldering to replace the front board on a Galaxy DX-959. The module not only had the_mod, but also a 6-digit frequency counter. Apparently it's prototyped and working, except Dave decided no one would pay $150 to update...
  4. CroMagnum


    I have that book. You mean this one? So what did you do to it? You know, just in case... :D
  5. CroMagnum

    Good dummyload

    I use one of these I found on eBay: I modified mine by swapping the N-connector for an SO-239 and added some little rubber feet. 250 Watts continuous in free air for $30 delivered is not too bad.
  6. CroMagnum

    2012 The End Of The Internet

    You mean did I see it back in 2008? Yes, I did. You're 3 years behind the curve. Try to keep up.
  7. CroMagnum

    kernal error

    If sectors are getting flaky, boot the FalconFour MiniXP and run CHKDSK on C: with the surface analysis. (I believe there's an icon on the desktop.) I've gotten several BSODs to boot and run this way.
  8. CroMagnum

    The Radio Shop Calif.

    Unfortunately Ontario is kind of a haul for me. Anyone know of good shops closer to the SFV?
  9. CroMagnum

    kernal error

    You can do a lot from the Command Prompt in the recovery console. But personally I like to boot from a "WinPE" or "Live XP" CD and use that to rummage around the HD and do what I need to do. In the past I would make my own with BartPE. But lately I've gotten lazy and switched to Hiren's...
  10. CroMagnum

    Original CB License......

    In that case I want my fifty bucks back.
  11. CroMagnum

    DB Cooper News

  12. CroMagnum

    electrician wanted.

    Maybe they're afraid that cheap, Chinese-made fan will burst into flames if left plugged in.
  13. CroMagnum

    C B Radio repair shops

    Are you sure that's the correct URL? It looks like some sort of offshore domain parking site. And a question - any good CB shops in The Valley?
  14. CroMagnum

    Google Ads

    Between my HOSTS file, and the NoScript and Adblock Plus plugins in Firefox, I see very few ads. In fact, when using someone else's PC I am downright SHOCKED at the ads that the average internet user puts up with. But, then again, your average internet user is a drooling retard so they...
  15. CroMagnum


    No comprende.
  16. CroMagnum

    How to mount Rohn tower to side of trailer?

    A couple of toggle bolts through the aluminum skin should work. I mean, what could go wrong?
  17. CroMagnum

    My Dog Broke An Element Off My PDL-2....

    Luckily I've got places like Industrial Metal Supply close by and can merely walk in and walk out with exactly what I need, no minimums, no shipping. So let your fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages.....
  18. CroMagnum


    Actually I said .1uf, not .01uf. There's a difference. Although, at 11M .01uf may work, just not as well. The problem here is you you have absolutely no clue what they're talking about, yet that doesn't seem to stop you from posting your so-called ideas. Everybody has an opinion...
  19. CroMagnum


    Do you actually have anything constructive to add?
  20. CroMagnum


    A low pass filter on your end is worthless because it's your fundamental signal that is getting picked up by wiring like an antenna, and then it gets rectified by the first P/N junction it comes across. After that it gets amplified as an audio signal and ends up across some speaker terminals as...