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  1. straight razor

    11 meter coax for high power?

    ok am back pc rebooted, sorry for the post not lining up i had mouse problems
  2. straight razor

    11 meter coax for high power?

    nitroturbo4u well it depends on what you call a lot of power,first of all your on the right track, the reason why i say that is most ppl when they look for coax and i will say the average guy don't know about coax, first let look your run, 150 ft that's a nice run, you what a coax that has a...
  3. straight razor


    hey irock never mind i found a dude in chicago that can build hubs i dont need noconductive hubs because once you use the fiberglass elements that makes the refector nonconductive anyway, i never understood why they made a plastic hub on the refector end of the PLD 2 if u think about it the...
  4. straight razor


    can you email me when that guy makes those hubs i like to have five of them, am fixing to build a five element quad. and i would like too buy five hubs i guess u can email me. when he makes yours..
  5. straight razor

    Where are heat sinks for sale?

    tryhttp://wwwicamanufacturing.com they have all the size's you need plus other things
  6. straight razor

    Need a new multimeter that goes past 1KV

    630PLK by TRIPLETT - Buy or Repair at PLCCenter - PLCCenter.com their goes the link and its cost $450.00
  7. straight razor

    7kW tube

    they are greedie for voltage, but i like them, once you know how to feed them
  8. straight razor

    Home Brew Hair pin & balun

    lol gun slinger i made one just like that for a one element i made for my apartment and the only problem i had was the swr where ok but the imp was off like crazy, so i read that i need to have a balun with it also.. so thats my next step but the hairpin does work and trust me even with the...
  9. straight razor

    insulated split driven element

    hey gunslinger something is really bothering me how come you bought the elements from dxengeerning and you didnt see the 2 inch boom to element saddle mounts
  10. straight razor

    insulated split driven element

    insulate the driven elements hey gunslinger dxengeerning has better insulation parts for seperateing the driven elements and they are cheap straight razor
  11. straight razor

    2:1 match? How?

    i didnt read the whole questions if its for hf freq or cb why dont you u feed the quad with a balun, Cubix - manufacturing computers in the US since 1975 should have what u need to get the job done.
  12. straight razor

    Inside an old Pride DX-300

    hmmmmmmmmmm nice amp i have one thats been heavely modded, seprate power suppys recterfiers been beefed up with nomad boards, transformer stepped up to 2200 hv/ 2 amps, fillment transformer is about 6.3 v 6a, 550, 150 ma, big copper polished coils five turns, bias's knobs in the front, 40 amp...
  13. straight razor

    amp pictures i found on the net

    HAMS HMMMMMMMMMMMMM am glad you cleaned that statement up, QRL or whatva making that comment only a ham would say something like that, but you stepped back on the curb with the remark, not all box builders build dirty amps, and trust me alot of them are not hams dont make it sounds like hams...
  14. straight razor

    tube amp builders

    snecky pete, and their some others when i get a # for him i will post it..
  15. straight razor

    free 1-16 pill amp plans

    pill box plans well booty monster thanks for the link i looked them over and they are offical, very well put together, and if i was a betting man somebody from the dave or fatboy camp made thoughs plans, very well made it has suppression filters, and rf chokes on the hot leads to keep noise...
  16. straight razor

    whats youre favorite tube ?

    3cp3000 a7, 4cx800, YC156.. 4cx250b, GSBB russian
  17. straight razor

    Telestar Magnum Amplifier

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm lets see where should i start first, oh yeah the telestar is a 6 meter amp, and they have what some of know them to be tetrode, tube= steele tube . with a chimmey and blower fan that pushs air in a air tight chamber, them the air moves up though the fins on the top of the tube...
  18. straight razor

    SCOUT 20 4X4

    hahahahahahahahhahahaha, yeah a bird meter will break a mudducks heart real quick with those meters with the give away watts LOL, thats funny..
  19. straight razor

    My Skullcrackas

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm mudducks everywhere see thats what happen when mudducks dont know anything, i saw that video and knew rite away it was bs, i know the builder prime minister, and he puts to much work into his amps for someone to be selling them at a yard sale for $60.00 i didnt see nothing funny