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  1. 1iwilly

    johnson transceiver tester question

    thank i'll added to the collection
  2. 1iwilly

    johnson transceiver tester question

    hello to all i was given this gem by a user who use to be a cber m main use would be the monitor your audio and the 1khz tone audio gen and the signal generator I'm guessing i would need to find a crystal for let's say channel 20 ??? anyone here ever uses one and is it worth keeping
  3. 1iwilly

    More channel 6 questions

    in a very simple way it's radio racing he with the most power wins you have ghost rider amp builder then blue gill amp builder the swamp weed is a way to make a bad day into a good day kind of way jive talking
  4. 1iwilly

    Can someone educate me about CB Ch. 6 AM (27.025) ?

    there are guys there pushing over 20k with a big pole transformer inside the house mostly they like to run from 6-element to 8 elements I've made a few contacts on that channel to California when the band is not congested like from 7.00 am to 8.00am
  5. 1iwilly

    Electret handheld mics

  6. 1iwilly

    Who are you on the air?

    i use 1iwilly mostly on 15 and on 6 it use to be 925 which i sometimes use as back
  7. 1iwilly

    leave it up or take it down

    well it's 5.06 am here is poinciana which is part of Kissimmee closer to haine city it was mostly wind and rain squalls never lost power then again our power wires are underground but after all, thank god for minute damage my street is flooded
  8. 1iwilly

    leave it up or take it down

    wow, the USPS in Orlando by the airport the mail sorting facility told my wife she needs to report for work her hours usually from 1.00 pm to 9.30 pm
  9. 1iwilly

    leave it up or take it down

    well as yeap been watching it Tampa people are looking for shelter in Orlando after i saw the shift this morning i took my antenna completely down
  10. 1iwilly

    Need cap list for Cobra 148GTL, PC412AB (Taiwan)

    this is what you need it says AD https://klondikemikescapkits.com/products/cobra-148-gtl-uniden-grant-xl-pc-412-electrolytic-capacitor-kit
  11. 1iwilly

    leave it up or take it down

    from what they saying central fl will get hit I'm on Osceola/Polk county line haine city
  12. 1iwilly

    Why do people...

    i have a notebook with a list of my stuff with prices next to them i know what i paid because i wanted it at the moment I've told my son where the list is if and when the time comes i even put bought new or use still have boxes
  13. 1iwilly

    leave it up or take it down

    i'm in central Florida Osceola county kissimmee
  14. 1iwilly

    leave it up or take it down

    where are the fl guys are you taking down your CB base antennas or taking a chance with this hurricane on weds 9-28-22 I'm debating its a brand new only 3 months or Sirio 2016:unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure:
  15. 1iwilly

    Cobra 2000 GTL DeBunking

    way back in the day people enjoy going either to the lower channels or upper channels to talk they call it freebanding some people use it as private channels to carry a long conversation with out interruption and the list goes on
  16. 1iwilly

    Cobra 2000 GTL DeBunking

    that's a very old-school channel mod
  17. 1iwilly

    Re-capping Cobra 2000 Frequency counter. Tips or tricks?

    from my experience, it comes down to the proper head range I've changed a few components on the freq counter with no issues patience don't have 5 cups of coffee before starting the job i learn the hard way LOL
  18. 1iwilly

    Bird 43 Thruline Wattmeter Meter Element 4300-400 Peak PEP Kit NEW

    posting this for those that might want one good price =https://www.jobsfunny.com/product/Bird-43-Thruline-Wattmeter-Meter-Element-4300-400-Peak-Pep-Kit-New_tlv441a22462286.html