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  1. Road Squawker

    Is this an original PDL II?

    there isn't a "PDL-1" antenna. there was a PDL antenna. the PDL Gamma match was changed, the modified antenna was called the "PDL-II
  2. Road Squawker

    Is this an original PDL II?

    the "original" PDL and the PDL-2 are different designs
  3. Road Squawker

    Technician question on 10 meter openings?

    .... and when you hear 10, there is a good chance that 6 will have activity too.
  4. Road Squawker

    Finally Passed my Technician & General this weekend!

    Congrats on passing both elements. I can tell you a story about waiting 3 months (actually, it was 94 days, but who countedo_O) before the federal register was updated.
  5. Road Squawker

    Ridiculously Rude Asshats on 80 M

    '' The Azhat drunk hasn't been around on 40 for a couple months,... He even had his amp for sale. We can only wish he stays on the wagon.
  6. Road Squawker

    Looking for amplifier options for SSB (10-12)m

    there are many Ameritron amps that do 6 and HF, both ss and tube
  7. Road Squawker

    Looking for amplifier options for SSB (10-12)m

    The 811/811h is probably the most used amp by all Amateurs. solid design when the user doesn't drive the snot out of it , trying to get 800 watts out of a 4-500 watt amp. I used one for many years before I changed to a THP ($$) amp.
  8. Road Squawker

    This made me laugh...

    solar powered battery systems are quite cheap and reliable.
  9. Road Squawker


    I believe that Thomson owns Eimac
  10. Road Squawker

    Looking for amplifier options for SSB (10-12)m

    keep the 1600 off the Amateur bands;) ...and put your effort in a good antenna
  11. Road Squawker

    CB radio app wireless mike by Midland

    C Q 100/irlp for CBers............................:eek:
  12. Road Squawker

    Crank/Tilt antenna towers?

    exhaust "pipe" is tubing
  13. Road Squawker

    Stimulus check

    the political "PORK" spending in the bill is unbelievable.
  14. Road Squawker

    Crank/Tilt antenna towers?

    stay away from the Aluminum towers............. YMMV. Also concrete/rebar isn't cheep, I have 6 yards under my 54 foot cu/to. don't forget the cost of a proper raising fixture and hoists (NOT winches) with braking systems. all in all, my TH 11DX Thunderbird (not a small antenna by any...
  15. Road Squawker

    Antenna mast isolation

    It's about return loss to the antenna,..... the more the better. Without going into detail, basically the antenna can not radiate any more power than the value of the return loss.
  16. Road Squawker

    Antenna mast isolation

    heck, just use a blue water pipe mast:D
  17. Road Squawker

    Antenna height

    There are real time maps available online to locate the E clouds. I have never heard of the "negative gain" term either. What many in this thread refer to as "short skip" is really DIRECT wave propagation.