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    11 meters around the world.

    26.285 usb International call Frequency.
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    Ten tec corsair ii unlock?

    025 if you like the radio why not try the dds will open the radio up . The vfo's are not that expensive the labour installing maybe .
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    Reclaim LSB 16

    Checked the frequency on and off all weekend .....just am guy's doing what they do .
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    Uniden HR 2510 forsale

    Great price for a good radio ! .
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    Looking for a tech in Western Canada

    Any Canadian operators on here ? know of any tech's in Western Canada , have a couple rigs that need looking at . IF possible with in mailing distance of Summerland BC . ( cost of shipping is nuts ) Murray
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    Anyone on this site from Denver, antenna stuff .

    Been cruising face book market place found a quad antenna listed in Denver .... the seller is asking thirty dollars . A hell of a deal for someone . Murray
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    Base PDL II

    Hey 357 I do realize this is an old posting but ended up getting a couple home brew pdl's from a ham on the island that look exactly like the pics you posted . They are cut too 10 meter so it looks like someone was reproducing them and not doing a bad job at it . Murray
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    11 meter is very quiet?

    Pleased to say a little dx from the north to night not very strong but in there the Yukon been a while years ìnfact .
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    Is this an original PDL II?

    It sure is in all its glory ! Great find .
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    Question for the group PDL - 11

    Picked up a couple home brewed pdl 11's a few years back , and amature built them and did a very good job the question is the tuning basket elements where cut for 10 meters so have to make up some new alum basket elements all I can come up with is solid alum core (local ) to replace hollow core...
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    HR 2510 on e bay

    Hey Jeff I watch people pay more for a used cb radio than I have in my used Icom hf rigs , I too have a 2510 with the chip switch and light encoded vfo has given great service over must be close to 25 years now .
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    SBE base mic wanted

    Harry found the Mic he was looking for .
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    SBE base mic wanted

    Might I suggest a little more attention to the post , Harry was looking for a the above mentioned microphone and by
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    SBE base mic wanted

    Great , Merry Christmas !
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    SBE base mic wanted

    If you go through the the pictures it shows the microphone and the original box , microphone has the sbe insignia in the middle of the middle of the wind screen.
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    SBE base mic wanted

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    SBE base mic wanted

    Let me know if you can't find it I will send you the phone number its a deal at that price .
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    SBE base mic wanted

    Trail area which is the south eastern part of the province
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    11 meter is very quiet?

    Dx was in for two hous this morning on the west coast then gone , been the same for the last week.