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  1. fodendaf

    linear cookbook

    I suspect it is because the bigger amplifiers were never intended to be built without someone skilled at balancing the stages. They're just there as a rough guide to follow rather than hunting down pics online or buying amps to clone. Some mentioned there were various problems with the design...
  2. fodendaf

    linear cookbook

    They're all more or less the same to build. I lost everything myself a month back when I formatted the wrong disk. They were identical model numbers so I had no easy way to tell them apart. The important stuff was saved online though.
  3. fodendaf

    linear cookbook

    I don't have any more information than the original zip but I reuploaded it for you. https://archive.org/download/AMPPLANS/AMPPLANS.zip
  4. fodendaf

    Ranger RCI 2970N2 for trade

    I am interested. How can I send PM? I cannot find it in the forum software.
  5. fodendaf

    High SWR Into DX1600

    Well if you keep using it you'll have an expensive repair bill on your hands.
  6. fodendaf

    High SWR Into DX1600

    that output seems far too high for an amp without a driver. unless there are oscillations that amp shouldnt deadkey more than 80w with 4w input.
  7. fodendaf

    Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree??

    I took a look through two pages yet all I found was a cobra 148 on 40 metres which is an entirely different beast. I don't doubt that it is possible, just that it would be expensive and technically difficult.
  8. fodendaf

    Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree??

    I don't know, it is a good bit beyond my technical ability. At the very least eproms and sliders would be needed but the lack of ssb would be a deal breaker. I only mention it because I have a rebranded 2950dx and have seen the vfo on 7mhz by playing with jumpers. There is also a need to solder...
  9. fodendaf

    Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree??

    All you need is one radio to talk or key on. Nobody needs multiband hf rigs. you say you have ranger 2950, the dx model can be converted to 40 or 20.
  10. fodendaf

    Problems with NEW RCI 2970n2..

    Just checked E-Bay, a matched pair of real Toshiba 2879 finals was 129 bucks. That would probably drive the price of an N2 up 100 bucks. the 2970n2 doesnt use 2sc2879, it uses irf520n to220 style which you can clearly see in the pic above. afaik only the 69ffc4 uses 2sc2879 and i doubt very...
  11. fodendaf

    Series-tuned, Shunt-fed Crystal Radio with Air-core Coil

    I wound the inductor, all I had was 1mm wire and what I calculated from your circuit the coil worked out at about 104 uh. mine measures 110 uh with 17 turns on a 21.5cm former on a chinese tester device. I'll have to give up as I dont have any germanium or schottky diodes to hand, maybe if break...
  12. fodendaf

    Series-tuned, Shunt-fed Crystal Radio with Air-core Coil

    I've been following all your posts but have not built anything as I understand a good earth is essential in getting such radios to work correctly which I do not have, being on the first floor and surrounded by cement . I wonder do you have any circuits for a superregenerative radio?
  13. fodendaf

    Is it possible to increase the size of the screen print?

    firefox menu: edit> preferences> content lets you set font size. i also use one of the many zoom addons. i usually just hold ctrl and spin the mousewheel than +/- as it is faster. i don't recommend ridiculously large monitors for a pc as up close they are painful to look at, the neck rotates...
  14. fodendaf

    Recent Site Updates

    http://www.worldwidedx.com/find-new/threads save that to your bookmarks
  15. fodendaf

    Need help blocking Netflix via X-Box 360.

    You're think over this too hard. Your house should have mains trip switches, or plug in fuses. When you need to use the internet find the breaker for his room and trip it. If he protests tell him to get a job or move out.
  16. fodendaf

    linear cookbook

    I doubt anyone has built one of these amps without reading mauldroppers. The only reason I posted it here is because the link was broken there for some time and maybe still is for all I know. But we all know with the demise of the 2sc2879 these plans are almost obsolete now. There are more...
  17. fodendaf

    linear cookbook

    https://yadi.sk/d/pxm94B8Ni35oV since the old hoster demanded money here's a new one. it would not download in firefox on linux without making an account for me and needed opera instead. so if it won't download install opera or try ie or make an account.
  18. fodendaf

    IF Shift question

    Sorry for butting in but I think the thread is concluded anyway I was wondering if it is possible to convert an IF shift into an rf notch by building an rf notch circuit on some circuit board and mounting it on an optional crystal filter empty position in an analog radio.
  19. fodendaf

    Buggy Vs Bush

    He got off lightly. Many farmers have been paralysed because they hooked a safety chain between the drawbar of their trailer and the top link of their tractor, what they don't realise is that when the trailer unhooks, the tractor accelerates without the load and catapults the trailer drawbar up...
  20. fodendaf

    WTB: 7.8mhz ssb filter

    I'm sorted, so feel free to close the thread.