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  1. medic18d

    New radio on the way!

    i really like mine. really dependable clean and crisp right out of the box. the only thing i did was the MARS mod and turned up the mic gain a tid bit. good choice and good value .
  2. medic18d

    Need Circuit For Simple Jammer "Bush Boogie"

    if the local crew REALLY don't like this guy. then they should ignore any transmissions .. in my earlier years i found this out .. also learned if someone commented on an annoying roger beep he would be bombarded by them immediately following …thus gratifying the offender . ignore him …….
  3. medic18d

    Need Circuit For Simple Jammer "Bush Boogie"

    x2 please don't try this . what is worse than getting shot? getting shot and then hit with trespassing ...
  4. medic18d

    Mobile radio suggestions?

    sounds like you answered your own question . have you seen the kenwood D710G ? i love mine
  5. medic18d

    Im sick of cb shops

    alinco srt 8 or icom 7000
  6. medic18d

    Im sick of cb shops

    wonder how people would feel if we keep pushing cb in the ham radio threads… some of us have our ticket and some don't want one … thats like the 10th time I've seen that guy post that in the cb section…. no offense guy, let it go
  7. medic18d

    We need a volunteer or two to coordinate DX Contests

    would love to get in on this ...
  8. medic18d

    Anyone bought from gi-joes

    hey skip there is a cb tech in hebron indiana at the flying j that has 30 years experience ..did mine and it sounds flawless.. lifetime warranty on his work ..
  9. medic18d

    cobra 29 poor tune up results?

    no dis respect, but i would never run a radio with a limiter clipped .. spend a few bucks and send it in to a man that feeds his family from tuning radios .. i know i could slightly tune my radio but i like to sound good and not plague the airways with harmonics . hope you figure it out
  10. medic18d

    Anyone bought from gi-joes

    lol i bought it at go joes… right now it dead keys 50 watts and swings to 180-200 before i had it tuned to half power she would heat up FAST….out of the box it was set up way too high… but my cb tech tuned it for rag chewing … that being said when using this beast I'm ALWAYS mindful of the...
  11. medic18d

    Anyone bought from gi-joes

    i love mine ..set at half power when i am on SSB i rarely have to call out twice .
  12. medic18d

    Fergusun poll

    was listening to the scanner and there was way more crime than the news let on.
  13. medic18d

    Anyone bought from gi-joes

    yes ..2907n2 with e chip included .. radio was flawless and was shipped and at my door in 4 days
  14. medic18d

    Fergusun poll

    can't wait to see how this plays out. i believe there will be protestor violence no matter what decision WAS made .
  15. medic18d

    scanner recommendations

    hey guys , I'm looking to buy a scanner and i am way behind the times as far as which is the go to scanner/which has the most versatility . so far i need one that is digital and analog. for systems like P25, Motorola and EDACS trunking, Type I, Type II and Type IIi modes (both with analog or...
  16. medic18d

    SW number station

    the history surrounding these number stations is interesting. the mystery of their purpose is probably the most interesting part of the transmissions . keep us posted
  17. medic18d

    Right to carry past till now?

    illinois is still a terrible state for gun owners.
  18. medic18d

    Anyone in eastern NC?

    i bet we could on sideband easy . let me know when your gonna be on .
  19. medic18d

    Anyone in eastern NC?

    i am in cameron nc we run channel 14 and 22 around here . welcome . just jump on there is a nightly net on 22 and sometimes 24. DOC,
  20. medic18d

    CB dx on channel 38

    all week here in NC the skip has been impressive