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  1. liquidh8

    BaoFengs: amazing, or a sham?

    I've been looking at the Midlands also, for the same reason, that and I live on a mountain with no cell service. Just dont know enough about them
  2. liquidh8

    kenrich eagle 515 info and help needed

    Thanks guys, been away from the forum a while. Life took over, built a new house last year, and have been deployed for almost a year. I ran this amp a bunch behind my HR2510. Always to it sounded good, never drove it real hard. I think the tubes may not be the freshest, but that's alright...
  3. liquidh8

    Emperor TS5010 no receive

    Figured I would revisit this thread. My Washington crapped out on me so untill I fix it, I will be using this radio. As a recap. I do have receive, I fixed that. But, I have no s-meter movement on RX. Unless you are right outside my door. The RF and MOD functions work, the SWR cal and...
  4. liquidh8

    HR2510 Display

    I had 5 of these, now just 3, and each one had a different reason for the display being out. Caps on the CPU board, caps on the display board, regulator, glue corroded traces, diode. There are a few threads I posted in with some good tips. But as has been said, look at the glue traces, check...
  5. liquidh8


    I grew up around, you don't like hearing it, change the channel I say.
  6. liquidh8

    D-A Phantom Amp

    I have one, two metes, 10 tubes, dual stage, key-up tube. Started to do the el509 conversion, then got a KLV1000. Never finished the conversion, lol.
  7. liquidh8

    kenrich eagle 500

    My eagle515 uses the 20lf6's, expensive tube. But, it you rewired the tube sockets, so that the tubes are getting the 26 volts needed on the filament heater, you should be fine. Many amps use a series, parallel, or series/parallel scheme to get the voltage needed for the heaters. Just...
  8. liquidh8

    Unhacking a Galaxy 949

    You can find the 945 transistors from various places here in the states. I too was weary of the overseas dealers. I used these guys a few days ago for the same transistors and some diode for my DX2517. Fast shipping and awesome prices. I order some audio chips and AM modulation regulators...
  9. liquidh8

    Dead Galaxy DX2517

    Got the echo board in, dug out the scope, tuned and aligned it. The radio is now 99%, the RF meter never sits on zero, it sits on the 2watt line. No biggie. I'll talk on it a bit. Thanks again guys!
  10. liquidh8

    Dead Galaxy DX2517

    I have a TRB-x2 echo board to throw in it and fix the echo. Got the freq aligned, the tx voltage aligned. Went through the voltage checks for the ALC and AMC. The transistors are good, and the pots are new, but there doesn't seem to be any modulation adjustments. Maybe my meter crapped out...
  11. liquidh8

    Uniden 980 SSB - crowdsource the frequency mod?

    Could always come up with an EXPO kit with the crystals needed for the upper/lower 40 channels.
  12. liquidh8

    Broken Texas Star Mod V Plus

    I have a texas star v mod plus. The switches work, but the writing is worn off. I thing it need a pill. It powers an the receive amp works. I don't know what they are worth to be honest. My pics are all too big to load.
  13. liquidh8

    Dead Galaxy DX2517

    Its alive! Found D36 bad right by TP1, replaced that and the SSB adio came back. Seems to receive good. I have to get my usual local contacts to talk to them and compare to the Washington. (Washington has the scottky diodes and 2sc2999). Still an issue or two. VR13 (SSB ALC) and VR16...
  14. liquidh8

    Sixth Digit for the older Galaxy Freq Counter.

    It would be cool to take a saturn, or dx2517 and just add the sixth led segment to get that sixth digit. something to look into.
  15. liquidh8


    I wouldn't say I was an expert, just trying to get it sorted out so it sounded good. I haven't used it in a few months, been talking on my KLV1000 ;). Are both or the transistors getting hot when the power drops? are your cooling fans both running while you are keyed up and ragchewing?
  16. liquidh8

    kenrich eagle 515 info and help needed

    I eventually got the SSB delay sorted, recapped this amp, and ran it for months. I now use my KLV1000 almost exclusively. This amp may get sold, dont:t know yet. I have to see how it sounds behind my DX2517.
  17. liquidh8

    eagle 515

    I have a 515, like but it may be getting sold.
  18. liquidh8

    Uniden 980 SSB - crowdsource the frequency mod?

    The only reason i haven't bought on yet is because of the channel limitation.
  19. liquidh8

    Dead Galaxy DX2517

    I am receiving the signal and static just fine. It is just that the volume of the audio is not there in SSB. I have a friend who is 20 mines away as the crow flies, and I get the same signal strength on the 2517 as I do on my Washington. AM and FM are just fine. Robb, I will be looking...
  20. liquidh8

    Dead Galaxy DX2517

    Update. I replaced both zeners, the 5.1 d70, and the 7.5, d73. The ma diodes, and the regulator produced 8volts, and the radio came alive. I changed q30, 31 and 33 just for haha's, it tx's in all modes, good power and modulation. rx is a different story. on am, I get a great signal and...