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  1. Darkrfoverlord

    Wire antenna building supplies

    Nice place, the prices aren't that horrible. tnx.
  2. Darkrfoverlord

    Darkrfoverlord, are one in the same.

    Darkrfoverlord, are one in the same.
  3. Darkrfoverlord

    Low AM Modulation On President P300

    I have one and absolutely love it!
  4. Darkrfoverlord

    AES Closing down operation

    well this old, but they will be missed. If it was something I needed today it was nice to be able to drive down and get it.
  5. Darkrfoverlord

    Yaesu FT 847-- Anyone used one??

    Yes great VHF / UHF satellite rigs, Did many updates mods for it. Has been the primary at the home QTH for 14yrs. All trouble free (knock wood).
  6. Darkrfoverlord

    FT-847 - Where to get repaired?

    Good to know as I have one also not that it's giving me any problems. Good luck .