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  1. mb91w126

    RIP forum member "357 Magnum" Leo

    https://www.iannottifh.com/obituary/LEO-ROY His obituary is above :(
  2. mb91w126

    New toy Trying to keep up with you I see it 5* up there Going ice skating on the pond?

    New toy Trying to keep up with you I see it 5* up there Going ice skating on the pond?
  3. mb91w126


  4. mb91w126

    cb radios used like new cobra and galaxy

    no parts have been removed. I haven’t tested any of them so that’s why I mentioned repair
  5. mb91w126

    cb radios used like new cobra and galaxy

    3 cobra 148gtl , cobra 29gtl, cobra 25ltd, galaxy 949 see pics for individual condition lots of good parts.
  6. mb91w126

    uniden washington

    happy birthday because I won’t remember next week
  7. mb91w126

    uniden washington

    Thanks Leo!!
  8. mb91w126

    uniden washington

    yes it is
  9. mb91w126

    uniden washington

    07922, yes I will ship, no problem
  10. mb91w126

    Kenwood TS-990

    new in 2015. selling to set up remote shack. see listing on QRZ and QTH. asking 4000usd shipped lower 48 usa
  11. mb91w126

    heathkit sb-230 80 - 10m

    just returned from W1QJ checkup. works as expected. 450usd
  12. mb91w126

    uniden washington

    time to clean out unused toys. factory original, no golden screwdrivers. 150 usd
  13. mb91w126

    Drake L7

    rebuilt PS by W1QJ. Grounded grids and soft start also by W1QJ. PS provides about 2600v. It was producing just over 1kw RF on 20m into his antenna. I haven’t used it since I picked it up from Lou’s Local pickup is preferred but I will ship to lower 48. Let me know your shipping preferences...
  14. mb91w126

    Kenwood ts-990

    Purchased new July 2015. Works perfect. Always used with resonance dipoles . Original protective screen covering still in place. I’ll include the the front plug and wiring which supports a foot switch and XLR microphone. 4200usd includes shipping to lower 48 US east of the Mississippi river from...
  15. mb91w126

    beam antenna parts

    Hurricane Sandy took down my macro y quad. these are salvaged parts in good shape. 2 gamma matches. 4 boom element brackets mast to boom bracket. 4 fiberglass rods. make me an offer I cannot refuse. Jim
  16. mb91w126

    Rf sampler smoked out my radio

    It would be great if you could diagnose the problem and post your analysis for my education.
  17. mb91w126

    Ranger rci-69ffc4

    find the model number of the pcb board. probably an EPTxxxxxx style number etched on the board then you can search for service manual for redios with that board
  18. mb91w126

    Rf sampler smoked out my radio

    how about one step at a time. 1) radio>coax jumper>dummy load 2) radio> coax jumper>sampler>dummy load NB: no connections to scope from sampler 3)radio>coax jumper>sampler>dummy load NB: connect scope to sampler but scope powered off 4) same as 3 but scope powered on that should give you an...
  19. mb91w126

    A few questions...

    you may choose to take the case off to provide more air flow. Attaching an external speaker should be easy. The onboard speakers are pretty poor as a rule...
  20. mb91w126

    AUTEK WM 1

    my wm-1 uses a panasonic, 9V 350mA wall wart. kx-tca1 model number