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    Icom IC 7600 or 7410 any inputs comments?

    I have the 7410 and it is a good radio. There is quite a jump pricewise between it and the 7600 as I'm sure you have already found. I was at a tossup between the two until a like new 7410 came up for sale locally. The 7600 does have features that may be beneficial depending on which modes you...
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    MegaWatt vs. Chinese Imitation 30 amp switching power supply comparison

    Just want to publicly thank Megawatt (John) for his help in making my power supply selection. Good customer service makes good customers. Thanks again. David
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    Lightning strikes ... interesting letter

    If anyone truly believes that any of the little boxes that generally consist of a couple of MOV's between the line and neutral and maybe line to ground can stop a voltage event that can rip across miles of free space as lightning does they are very sadly mistaken. They may help on a short...
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    What got you interested in radio?

    My Boy Scout leader was a ham and got me interested in electronics in the late 1950's/early 1960's. I got my license earlier this year (another of those no code Extras ruining the hobby) after retiring and I am trying to learn code now out of respect to him. I have made a very decent living due...
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    QSL from a federal prison inmate

    I forgot to post the link earlier. You can see for yourself if it is face value. http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/ukrainian-national-who-co-founded-cybercrime-marketplace-sentenced-18-years-prison
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    QSL from a federal prison inmate

    I looked on the Justice Dept. website and he has been convicted/plead guilty to numerous charges of credit card data theft, setting up a site to exchange credit card data and money laundering. I would probably not send him any info as with an amateur license much of your personal data is very...
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    In my particular city there are many techs and engineers that are highly capable. However most of them are working on classified government defense systems and aircraft guidance and instrumentation at Rockwell Collins. We are fortunate to have quite a few retired folks from that company that...
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    Antenna tuners in series?

    Hi Steve, Sorry to hear of your health misfortune, I can relate although my problems are of a different nature than yours. Have you contacted a local ham club and see if anyone is willing to give you a hand now and again for things that are no longer possible? Our local club is definitely...
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    What is better, one dual band 2m/70cm antenna or two singles?

    An Austin Antenna 500c Soft Top would likely hold up to any abuse limbs and parking garages could inflict.
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    Icom IC-2730 Review

    From my owners manual, the listed frequencies for a USA radio are: RX 118-174 MHZ 375-550 MHZ TX 144-148 MHZ 430-450 MHZ
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    Icom IC-2730 Review

    The body of the radio is 1 5/8" tall. The bracket is shaped such that it hugs the body very tightly when fully engaged past the mounting holes. The arms of the bracket would then extend past the body and could be trimmed and new holes drilled. There are vent slots on the bottom as can be seen in...
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    Icom IC-2730 Review

    2 1/2" from base of radio to top of bracket with bracket level.
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    largest beam antenna you have seen?

    I thought the local Collins Radio antenna farm was pretty impressive but it pales in comparison to some of those. However they do have some huge transmitters they can put on line for super secret squirrel things they do for Uncle Sam. I will be going to their radio club meeting soon as my wife...
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    Icom IC-2730 Review

    Thanks Matt, I just looked at the cable for the head to body connection and mine is a six pin modular with wires landed on all contacts. I did a quick measurement of the modular connector and it matches up with RJ25. To rephrase a bit will the flat silver colored phone type cables work or do I...
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    Icom IC-2730 Review

    I bought one and it looks very good. Is it OK to use a RJ25 extension cable to attach the control to the body or is it best to buy ICOM's extension cable? I see CAT5 being used for mike extension in above posts.
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    Icom IC-2730 Review

    I have not seen it mentioned in as many words anywhere, but I am making the assumption that the 2730 does not use touch screen technology. From past experience in the industrial maintenance world, I found resistive (soft faced not glass as used on cell phones) to be less than highly reliable...