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  1. Sinkhole

    Why are mobile CB radios stuck in the 70s?

    Actually to the contrary. I have never run echo in my life. I also feel that is ridiculous. But it sounds like you just described every Styker or Connex radio ever made as far as lights, meters, and such. I am referring to something with a clean layout more like a Kenwood VM-900 or NX-5000, Just...
  2. Sinkhole

    Why are mobile CB radios stuck in the 70s?

    I am curious why you think Mobile CB radios are still stuck in the 70s aesthetically. I can not for the life of me figure out why CB/10 meter seems to be the only set of radios that have not evolved. I understand marketing, demand, and price points, but for God's sake most of today's radio look...
  3. Sinkhole

    First new mobile setup in 35 years

    I recently got back into running a radio in my vehicle. I am running a President Andy II FCC with a President Iowa antenna. Getting the mount sorted was interesting. I have a 2015 Silverado and while looking for a fender mount I found many listings for 2010-2018. In my mind, this made no sense...
  4. Sinkhole

    President Andy, 4 pin microphone

    I have an Andy II FCC and you can switch between Electret and Dynamic for the mic. I have mine set to Dyna and am running a really old Astatic D104 M6B. I just checked your manual and it appears that is a feature President added to the Andy II. But I ran that mic on a Uniden Pro 520XL for 35...
  5. Sinkhole

    GMRS or CB

    Most Overlanders and Off-Roaders are running GMRS. GMRS repeaters are fairly common in large areas of the US, but not all. GMRS and CB both have significant advantages and disadvantages. It also has a lot to do with what the preferred radio service is in your area. I have a President Andy II in...
  6. Sinkhole

    2022 Surburban antenna mount options

    I also had some difficulty finding a mount that actually fit my 2015 Silverado. Most mounts are listed from 2010-2018, but I knew this made no sense because the body style changed in 2007 and changed again in 2014. I found a mount from Rugged Radios that fits the truck perfectly and came drilled...
  7. Sinkhole

    Uniden PRO520XL modification?

    I was just kinda curious as to what kind of mod it was . Because I remeber having it tuned but not modded.
  8. Sinkhole

    Uniden PRO520XL modification?

    It's setup with an external speaker mounted to the bottom of it. I was planning on just using it for 1 more trip then investing in a whole new setup. I will definitely be keeping the mic though.
  9. Sinkhole

    Uniden PRO520XL modification?

    The two grey wires are the speaker wires. So it's not a dummy load. The radio works fine when used with an external speaker. Just noticed the D14 Diode has been cut too.
  10. Sinkhole

    Uniden PRO520XL modification?

    I bought in the mid to late 90's and. Kinda remember having it tuned, but it was never set up for an amp.
  11. Sinkhole

    Uniden PRO520XL modification?

    Hello all, I decided to grab my OLD Pro520XL and D104 out of the garage with hopes of throwing it in my truck for an upcoming trip. Well I seem to have forgotten that there is no internal speaker and couldn't for the life of me remember why. So I opened up and this is what i found. a little home...