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  1. AxlMyk

    Amplifier for SSB

    Megawatt makes a 50 amp supply. 50 is adequate for your needs. If you need more, just add another one on it.
  2. AxlMyk

    beam direction

    Read up on solar noon. Stick a pole in the ground, find when solar noon is, and mark it at that time. It's the most exact reading for finding N S Astronomers use it to set up their scopes. Myself being one.
  3. AxlMyk

    Anytone at-5555 PLUS

    Don't go screwing around with things.
  4. AxlMyk

    Carl Built

    This is a Q5n2 radio, right? Goto the service menu, (long press menu) What are 21 RXNR and 22 TXNR set at?
  5. AxlMyk

    Reclaim LSB 16

    Hartland. North of Ann Arbor 20 miles.
  6. AxlMyk

    Reclaim LSB 16

    He was booming into Michigan. I had a nice chat with him.
  7. AxlMyk

    Reclaim LSB 16

    917, that was the best I've received you. Sounded nice and crisp. After our qso, the bottom dropped right out of it.
  8. AxlMyk

    Reclaim LSB 16

    I have a 40 channel walkie talkie. :giggle: Will that do? The DX was lousy today. made a couple contacts this afternoon, but that was luck.
  9. AxlMyk

    Base Station Antenna Interaction

    Why a 4'x4' hole and base pour? That seems like a lot of overkill.
  10. AxlMyk

    Reclaim LSB 16

    I've been off the air the last couple weeks building a motorized bicycle. Now that it's done, I'll be able to hang out on 16lsb today. I need to move the radio from my office to the garage shop, where I'll be spending the summer. Here's my latest M/B. A Schwinn beach cruiser with an 80cc 2...
  11. AxlMyk

    Problem with a Dosy meter

    Because as a hobby, not everyone needs a Bird.
  12. AxlMyk

    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    There are 2 menus. Long press MENU, setting 01, and set it to 36. For the MAIN Boot-up Service Menu, Press MENU and MODE while turning the radio on. Then press the other 6 buttons from DW to EMG. I posted the service menu w/my factory settings and a blank one for your use. Write down the...
  13. AxlMyk

    Couple of Oldies

    Yeah, ^^^^that^^^^
  14. AxlMyk

    I will never make this mistake again!

    Just tell they they are in violation of the Do Not Call law.
  15. AxlMyk

    Reclaim LSB 16

  16. AxlMyk

    Powermax PM4-120 amp PSU issue

    At least try the spray cleaner.
  17. AxlMyk

    Transmit alignment 1 tone vs 2 tones???

    I have another one at 1900, 1300, and 900, but you can make a generator with 16 tones if you wanted. I use it to adjust the radio output to get the amp where I want it. The android app I use is Tone Generator Pro written by Wedoandroidapps .
  18. AxlMyk

    Reclaim LSB 16

    I'll be around. Just talked to 404. Lots of static today.