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  1. 222DBFL

    Using mobile 12Vdc transceiver in 110\120v AC indoors

    Get a 50A MegaWatt supply or even 2. This way you have 100 solid amps of power and plenty of headroom for adding other things!! For the money, warranty, and customer service, you can't go wrong with the MegaWatt power supplies. No hash, amd built well for what they are. I have the S400-12...
  2. 222DBFL

    Clarifier potentiometer knob not straight

    Yeah I get that now. The shaft is bent I believe is what you are saying. It's possible. Box may have been dropped during shipping, or in the store. Hard to tell. It can be replaced, but if it's not broke then I'd just use it.
  3. 222DBFL

    Clarifier potentiometer knob not straight

    Some will have slop in them or what you call loose, and some will be tight. Might be a QC issue. And as far as the clarifier not being centered. That is normal for most radios that have not had a really good alignment done to the radio. Out of the box they are just set to an approx. setting...
  4. 222DBFL

    Power Supply

    My MegaWatt S400-12 has served me well for about 3 years now I think it is. Maybe even 4yrs. It always just works and has never given me an issue. Cost for one of these is $60 plus shipping. They also have a 30 amp version for $50 plus shipping. 2yr warranty on all PS units and with the...
  5. 222DBFL

    Mobile Line Noise

    You really need some extra wire to do it right as you want to make as many wraps around the choke as possible. Then add it inline to the existing wiring for the part.
  6. 222DBFL

    Mobile Line Noise

    It's either easy or very hard to kill engine noise. Every install is different and so are vehicles manufacturers use of different materials besides metal these days!! Also I meant to tell you to also check all your ground connections under the hood if o didn't already or someone else...
  7. 222DBFL

    KL203 Amp

    Glad you got it resolved. Be sure to check VSWR and output as well before you put everything to rest. Have a good day and hopefully your issue is done!!!
  8. 222DBFL

    KL203 Amp

    You need 2 coax jumpers and hook the meter up as follows. Radio to amp input port. Amp output port to watt meter input port. Watt meter antenna port to antenna. 1sr jumper will go from radio to amp. Second jumper will go from amp to watt meter. Make sure to turn your CAL knob all the way...
  9. 222DBFL

    Mobile Line Noise

    Also NO-OX on all connections and make sure all the paint is removed. Under the dash on the steering column plate is another place to place a ground. Done that in a few work vans. Problem with many vehicles is poor grounding from the factory. And what I mean is like what I found, paint under...
  10. 222DBFL

    Is CB radio suffering from the loudness wars?

    When the DX is rolling hard and you have a crap load of people that call your name when you cal CQ, I tend to just just give a quick wave and move on to the next guy. But if I want to talk to someone I'll actually move to either 27.400 or 27.405 (CH40). Quiet there most of the time. For me it...
  11. 222DBFL

    Mobile Line Noise

    Might also try taking your ground off the battery and placing it on a frame ground instead. Like a seat bolt or under the dash on one of the steering column bolts. Also bond all body parts and the motor to frame and exhaust too. Sometimes it takes a little and sometimes a lot to get rid of...
  12. 222DBFL

    This is my base station

    Nice base setup and good antenna. Set one up for a local of mine and he loves it!! I have talked to a quite few guys in Northern Minnesota and Minnesota itself, when the DX was rolling. 8113 is who I remember most. We may have spoken if you had the antenna up for a while. 222 Daytona Bach...
  13. 222DBFL

    Mobile Line Noise

    First make sure you have a good ground to the radio and that your antenna is mounted properly. Take a short ground directly to the frame. Like a seat bolt or under the dash on a steering column bolt on the steel plate for the steering column. Anywhere that connects to the frame. If it's a...
  14. 222DBFL

    President 2 v3 or Anyone AT-6666

    That 570 is a good price! Bet it won't last long. And it looks like it's been well taken care of. Would about buy it myself if I didn't already have too many radios!!!
  15. 222DBFL

    Cobra 25LX; Odd Problem

    Sure you are plugged into the ext speaker jack and not PA jack?? Also check the circuit board at where the 3.5mm jack inserts. May be a broken trace or something like that. And also disconnect the internal speaker completely just in case it's blown and causing a short. Just some possibilities...
  16. 222DBFL

    RCI-2950dx or Lincoln II v3/+ for first 10m??

    The Yaseu 450d will be a much better radio than the Alinco will and they don't cost much more. JMHO. I love my Icom 746, but heck even those are fetching top dollar on eBay lately. If you don't have a good 10 meter radio. Look into the Optima MK3. 10-12 meters and has a good filter for SSB...
  17. 222DBFL

    Cobra 142GL 38 bucks

    That is how is goes man!! Sometimes you just gotta pull the trigger and get things, as there are many others that think like LeapFrog!! They get how much that parting one out even, go for. There will be others if you keep your eye out!!! Now is a good time to buy stuff. Check your local...
  18. 222DBFL

    Uniden 980 SSB Talkback Question?

    The one that is off and says NR is the noise reduction switch.
  19. 222DBFL

    donkeystomper amps

    Hey there Crusher. Hope all is well. Been a while. Just wanted to wave a hand your way. 222 Daytona Beach, FL Sean.
  20. 222DBFL

    Mic wiring question??

    Read this Silverado and see if it helps any. Hope something on this page will help solve your issue. Good luck and have a good one.