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    Base BJ radionut and his AR-10 Ringo

    Hi Homer, risking that I might be stating what you aready know but ,the insulated tube inside tube mount also adds capacitance across the feedpoint and is critical to the match. Back in the seventies (broke kid at the time) I duplicated a friends ringo. All the external diamentians matched but...
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    Opinions of this radio....

    Does nothing for me either .
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    Best Dipole Setup

    You dont want a NVIS signal lobe on 11m .Dipole is going to work a lot better at 15 ft than 6 . Impedance be buggered !!! The difference between 50 and 70 ohms is negligible. Anyway horizontal dipole has to be high and in the clear to see 70 -72 ohm At 1/2 wave I typically see 65 - 68 at...
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    Base 11m dipole symptoms

    Mate you have to recalibrate when you increase power or the reading will be high. Issue with the fans is most likely CMC, as Bob said .the choke should fix most if not all of it. rerouting the coax away from the leg wont hurt either .
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    Converting CB Watt/SWR meter to 40m

    It should work.But you might need more drive to get FSD . I.E you might need 20w to get it to read 10. . Thinking if it is a dual range 10 and 100 you will have 4 trim pots ( variable resistors ) 2 for each range fwd and reverse. Would be real easy to recalibrate. Depends on the layout of...
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    CB Go Box Project

    The math isn't hard. LiFePo4 are rated in capacity and discharge rate. IE 4000 mah (4amp hour or 4 amp draw for 1 hr) Discharge 20 c or in other words 20 x 4amps, So you can pull 80 amps discharge. Now if your total draw is 14 amps on tx ,And we will assume you draw no more than 1 amp on...
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    2970N4, Less than 2 months and its gone tits up

    No worries. Might pay to go back and check all your leads fuses etc.Check the voltage at the radio ,doesn't take much loss to drop the power at those levels.Dirty fuse holder or dry solder joint can easily account for it.Also check the PSU, is there much voltage drop on TX.?
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    2970N4, Less than 2 months and its gone tits up

    Good luck with the radio. That sort of variance is normal for meters ,they are rated at FSD (full scale deflection) so 85 watts on the 200 scale will be the most accurate
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    A happy medium , SWR , Watt meter recommendations?

    They do! depends what model you are talking about. 801 hp is a true peak reading meter ( with active circuit that requires power)
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    need Ideas for Omni directional antennas for 144/440 and 23cm

    http://vk2zoi.com/articles/dual-band-half-wave-flower-pot/ check out this site simple . low and high gain designs.
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    Constant whine noise?

    Mag mount and 100ft of coax ! real good chance your picking up something in your own home. Coax is most likely hot and acting as a pickup for the noise. (that pesky CMC again) Moving your mag mount or rerouting the coax would be worth a try. Fit a ground wire and or radials , does the noise...
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    Forget the local vernacular , you might think it's cool but it's just gibberish to international stations.
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    What is backswing?

    Yep nasty sounding tx audio.
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    What is backswing?

    And sometimes you see it when the car battery is going flat, or the base psu cant provide enough amps Or you are getting rf feedback.
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    Minimum Power for SWR?

    With CK on FSD. was just looking at the "other side of the coin."
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    Minimum Power for SWR?

    No the line attenuation will only result in a slightly lower reading. (like maybe 1.1 to1 to 1.2 to 1 ) and that would be the same no matter what power you used. If you have a long enough run of cable even an open circuit will show 1 to 1. Used to see that all the time with poor commercial VHF...
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    Ask first!

    The little screw is partially hidden under the retaining ring. Very easy to miss
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    Coax stripping tool

    My weapon of choice is a sharp pair of side cutters.
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    Transmission echos today

    Wonder if it's related! "June 30, 2017 @ 16:30 UTC Possible Earth Directed CME A weak coronal mass ejection (CME) observed on June 28th is predicted to possibly deliver a glancing blow to our geomagnetic field by July 2nd. A minor geomagnetic disturbance may be possible at higher latitudes."
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    Transmission echos today

    Not EME. tThe return signal would be well under the noise floor on 40m ( like a hundred db or more) and thats assuming you have a 20 element yagi.