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  1. FatHam

    Scrap Radio Swap Net

    Knock the dust off the boat anchors, because here we go... Tuesday nights, time TBD (suggestions?). Net Control: Tim/AE6LX On air 449.500 - Listings posted HERE to open it up to all WWDX readers. More info to come... Stand by Hart
  2. FatHam


    Seems to me that things are so far gone that there NEEDS to be a successful common sense "outsider" to straighten things out. The only "politician" that I would trust to get the job done is Trey Gowdy, but he's not running. I like the fact that Trump pisses all over "PC". PC is ruining this...
  3. FatHam

    Homebrew 2 meter Yagi

    You can get your element lengths & spacing here... http://www.k7mem.com/Electronic_Notebook/antennas/yagi_vhf_quick.html I've had very good luck with this calculator using a folded dipole driven element.
  4. FatHam

    Field Day - 2015 @ Juniper Springs group campground

    Don't think that getting North of it is going to help. Last week the smoke was blowing S. East down toward Coachella. Today it's headed dead North back in to more fuel. This morning it was blowing towards Vegas, by this afternoon it was headed No. West. This pic is from the So. bound 15...
  5. FatHam

    Not a great Father's Day today.

    Sorry for your loss. Losing a member of the family is brutal.
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  10. FatHam


    Back cover...
  11. FatHam


    Did any of you happen to catch the BACK cover of Vanity Fair by chance?
  12. FatHam

    Is it against the rules to post about this?

    You might check to see if your city has a party/nuisance ordinance on the books. It's pretty common for there to be an ordinance in place that applies an escalating series of fines for repeat offenders. I'd seen it work in other places that I lived and it was quite effective. 1st visit -...
  13. FatHam


  14. FatHam

    What is better, one dual band 2m/70cm antenna or two singles?

    I've run a Comet CA-2X4SR on a similar truck for 5 years with zero regrets. The "tree strikes" that you mentioned are what kept me from punching a hole in the roof. I used a big mag mount on mine, so when the wife (it's never me) drives under a branch, it simply knocks it over rather than...
  15. FatHam

    EarthRoamer Luxury bug out

    Henry got one first...
  16. FatHam

    New Prepper Forum

    Hold up, I found the new prepper forum icon...
  17. FatHam

    Migliori arrested...

    Court date TBA. Stay tuned...
  18. FatHam

    Migliori arrested...

    Here we go... Again
  19. FatHam

    Solar Pool Cover

    Here's the link requested in the "this pool is too damn expensive" net. Heaviest gauge cover I've ever seen/owned. Looks like it'll last a few years. 20x40' = $162 delivered Went with "clear" as suggested in the reviews because "blue" looks like a giant Harbor Freight tarp. OH!! If you're...
  20. FatHam

    For the lady's during camping

    I sure do hope this is a simple misunderstanding...