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  1. dave457

    Galaxy 99V Bad sounding SSB

    Most galaxy radios sound like shit on ssb, there easy to spot
  2. dave457

    President Jackson blackface for sale.

    You forgot to post a price
  3. dave457

    God Father

    Hey Jeff, I never knew your town had a lpfm station, they play a good variety of music.. alot of obscure tunes.
  4. dave457

    Amplifier for SSB

    I believe they are all made in China and he just mods them to his specifications
  5. dave457

    God Father

    The God Father of amps shows you how it's done
  6. dave457

    Amplifier for SSB

    Peak envelope power
  7. dave457

    Amplifier for SSB

    55 watts is too high, I'd go with a 25 watts dead key out of amp
  8. dave457

    Linear seems like it is not amazing on AM

    With the amp on set it at a 40w dead key
  9. dave457

    MOSLEY 27 MHz Antenna Designs - GROUND PLANE - DP-275-27 - "Devant Special" 11 Meters

    This antenna is a myth.... it doesn't exist
  10. dave457

    Great Mic Sound for your CB or Export Radio-part 1

    Good audio always starts with a good microphone, just curious what mic your running with your hifi gear?
  11. dave457

    Anytone 6666 HiFi mods?

    I'd ditch the reverb an sonic exciter, all they do is ad harmonics(but if that's what your after, go for it) ... a properly setup compressor and a little bit of eq should be all you need for audio punch. Not sure what you mean by God mode
  12. dave457

    Help hooking up a Equalizer.

    Been using a compressor on the rx output jack, just to compare differences, definitely sounds better than a eq, makes audio more dense and better fuller sounding overall
  13. dave457

    For Sale: Browning Golden Eagle Mark III

    Who's the pic of the young man?
  14. dave457

    Never get out of the Boat

  15. dave457

    Reclaim LSB 16

    Looks like mother nature has everything on lock down today so far
  16. dave457

    Carl Built

    He has to make a profit like any other business