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    Maco m105c help!! Appreciated!

    By no means am I an expert and I really need to go to the VA for new glasses, BUT, you need to check your gamma assembly... After blowing up the picture I dont see the shorting bar.. After that stand it up vertically on plastic milk crates or tie a rope around the last director hoisting up via...
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    beam direction

    Shadetree, You dont need to use Declination... Heres a map centered on your state that shows where to point for any place.. Its close to poster size so you can print it at walmart and hang it in the shack... or just keep it on the desktop..
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    Billy Dean Ward Found Dead

    Welcome Kim, 2012 I remember reading about this on the forums.. RIP Billy and always remember RWOB....
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    Logging Software?

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    Home Ham Shack Rebuild

    Can you tell us the make/model of the desk, The whole area looks great.
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    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    It might be a 2sc2314, a common 27mhz driver transistor.. heres the data sheet for it, pwr out is around 1.5 watts.
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    MOSLEY 27 MHz Antenna Designs - GROUND PLANE - DP-275-27 - "Devant Special" 11 Meters

    Here's the instructions for Mosley's 3 element beam.
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    Thank you Super Cock. I mean Super Hawk

    I agree with you Nomad.... Thats why I sent him an Ebay message asking if he was going to take out the tubes so they didnt get broke during shipping and he said yes.... Then I asked about the transmitter.. I think he got more excited than Al Bundy at the Hooter Palace..
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    Thank you Super Cock. I mean Super Hawk

    Super Cock says the transmitter will be in his hands within the week.... I know I am saving all my spare change...
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    Ever get that gut feeling?

    NEVER stop at a little station like that.... Always go to a major truckstop when traveling... I prefer the Loves... Truckstops are lit up and open 24 hours and have people around.... I quit driving in 2014 and they used to sell a little book that had all the them listed by state, highway and...
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    Couple of Oldies

    My wife volunteers at the church and comes home with these.. Someone there brought them there and asked her if she wanted them..
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    Homemade Starduster Antenna

    Thanks for the reply, I guess it didnt register last night.... Must be Getting old....
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    Homemade Starduster Antenna

    Your Antenna looks great but I am curious what you used to connect the aluminum vertical to the stud connector? I marked the area in red.
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    ads going crazy,,,

    I use google portable with the ghostery chrome extension to block ads.. It works GREAT. I never see anything.
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    Sirio 2016

    Use rivets and a conductive paste between sections.... Brads are nails for wood...
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    CB3PP-FP power plug

    The connectors looked brand new/unused but had wires soldered /crimped in the 2 pins.. Like I said earlier he provided 2 unused pins with each connector to replace these.. YES they are the cut off ends of an new power connector that was factory wired.. Also the 2 screws are really tiny, you need...
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    CB3PP-FP power plug

    He sent 2 cut-off connectors with extra pins... i opened it up and it was using 16 gauge wires inside and it was crowded making the bend around the screw thread area.... So NO, I dont think 10 would fit. I put them in the box in my closet and told myself well you just wasted $18
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    CB3PP-FP power plug

    Save your money... I was thinking the same thing and received 2 from Ken yesterday. I dont see getting that size wire in that connector... You would better off changing the power connector on the radio to the HR2510 connector and then ordering a heavy duty power cord for a 2510 radio
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    YW Yagi for Windows

    Looking for a copy of this software program to model an antenna.. Yes I know its old and runs with DOS but it looks simple... If you have it please email a copy to 2tm808@gmail.com Got to get ready for the spots.... Thanks from Steve 2TM808
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    Free Software

    I don't have $400 to $2500 to spend on the shack for a Geochron. Simon ( G4ELI ) recently rewrote his program and it now works great on my little Win7 netbook.. www.dit-dit-dit.com/Products/WorldMap It does a lot and the price is right...... Hook it up to a big screen tv and enjoy...