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    Looking for a tech in Western Canada

    Any Canadian operators on here ? know of any tech's in Western Canada , have a couple rigs that need looking at . IF possible with in mailing distance of Summerland BC . ( cost of shipping is nuts ) Murray
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    Anyone on this site from Denver, antenna stuff .

    Been cruising face book market place found a quad antenna listed in Denver .... the seller is asking thirty dollars . A hell of a deal for someone . Murray
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    Question for the group PDL - 11

    Picked up a couple home brewed pdl 11's a few years back , and amature built them and did a very good job the question is the tuning basket elements where cut for 10 meters so have to make up some new alum basket elements all I can come up with is solid alum core (local ) to replace hollow core...
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    WTB Icom 728 dc power plug

    Looking for one or two dc power plugs for a Icom 728 . Murray
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    Tuner BaseKicker/Ham Internatioal BigMac Manuals

    If anyone out there has a copy of the above ant`s can they let me know .
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    Big daddy Manual

    Hello to the group , looking for a manual for the As big daddy antenna if anyone has one let me know scanned copy fine . Murray
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    Tentec Corsair

    Does anyone know if the Corsair covers the 11 meter band ?
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    Ubitx 11 meters ?

    Hello all does anyone know if the kit will do 11 meters Murray
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    Glass rod supplier

    Hello , Looking for fiber glass rod supplier need 3/8 " od rebuilding an old quad . Murray
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    Icom M700

    Looking for the extend mod , Tx and Rx mod .
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    Micronta 21-522

    Hello Gang , Have the above meter with the red wire off if anyone has one can they open their meter up and tell me where it goes . Thanks Mur
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    Icom 746 Pro

    Need some input ....above radio , power supply ( matching ) and desk mic matching . Radio just back from Icom 600.00 .?? Deal ? Normal price , walk the other way ? . Thanks .
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    Am broadcast transformer ??

    Hello , I picked an transformer up for next to nothing , have no info on it or can find any . On the tag , Best .TRW-0427k , Johnson Electric coil , Tank cap.75 uf got that figured out . on it goes 10969305-105 , TIS 200 , Thanks Murray I wish ppl would tag stuff when pulling it apart !!.
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    Universe SSB-422B

    Hello , Looking for paper and schematic for the above radio got it in a bundle on the weekend in the box still looks new . Thanx Murray
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    Schematic for a pair of 833a` linear amp

    Looking for above and schematic for power supply as well 40 .80 , 160 meters . Thanks Mur
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    Looking for Super Scanner control box . Thanx for look`n
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    Stacking three A99`s

    Have to put up a new pole and have the antenna`s laying around , pole will be about seventy feet high and made of wood so stand off`s would be a foot or two . Cottage is at 4200 feet out west .
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    Hello Gang Looking to buy a super scanner if any one has one let me know . thanks Mur
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    Sinclair Vertical

    I got a call from a company I used to climb for to pull down a antenna and tower knowing I was in town and can always use the towers. The antenna is a Sinclair about twenty feet long first 16 is fiber glass the last four is alum tag was weathered all I could see is the company name . Does anyone...
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    V Quad

    Been thinking about a three element V instead of the three element yagi I have up does anyone have the drawings for one ?or know of a site on line ? . Mur