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  1. airplane1

    looking for a new or used ranger 696 FD1 or the plane old 696 with frequency counter.

    I am looking for the radios in my description here in the swap shop. these are the mobile radios. I would not mind having a 696 base radio also.
  2. airplane1

    hd350 texas star

    AudioShockwav, thank you for all your help. I got antsy and drove to DTBand he put a new keying transitor on Sat. it works great now. you went all out to help me as well as others on here tried to help. im sorry i dont get on the computer much or i could have saved you a little time. thanks again.
  3. airplane1

    Radios and equipment for sale

    i’d like a ranger 696 FD1 also.
  4. airplane1

    hd350 texas star

    called the # but no answer. no voice mail so i guess i need to find one on the internet.
  5. airplane1

    is this private messaging here

    is this private messaging here
  6. airplane1

    Radios and equipment for sale

    hi, thanks i am interested but how does one do a PM .
  7. airplane1

    Radios and equipment for sale

    y heart is set on an XL.
  8. airplane1

    Radios and equipment for sale

    how much for the grant pictured.?
  9. airplane1

    hd350 texas star

    thank a billion Jeff.
  10. airplane1

    hd350 texas star

    i got one of these at cooper electronics. i had it for two weeks and the keying resister went out. does any one know where i fac get one? or does any one know how to get in touch with texas star? i can’t find a good # on the internet? thanks a lot .
  11. airplane1

    Radios and equipment for sale

    do you have a uniden grant?
  12. airplane1


    Any one know what. happened to Sonwatcher? it’s been six years since his last post.
  13. airplane1

    thanks i have been for you too!

    thanks i have been for you too!
  14. airplane1

    where are you at bud?

    where are you at bud?
  15. airplane1

    Icom 7300 update

    yea, i missed that step too then my son showed me how it is done lol. How do you guys like the 7300? I love mine... Always get great audio reports, heard a a lot of operators on the 7300 and all had very good audio and all on the stock mic. I can’t believe how good the stock mic works.
  16. airplane1

    astetic mic for sale

    here is another but it has the thing on it used for keying it. don't know why because it works with out it, 75 bucks also. it works without it.
  17. airplane1

    night eagle in nice condition.

    sell for 75 bucks.
  18. airplane1

    FOR SALE,Cobra 148f gtl built in freq counter

    dont know what im doing ha ha but here are some pics that I posted. 250 for it, works great every thing as it should and has lower channels in very nice not buggerd condition.