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  1. BenMara

    icom v 8000,need a few parts

    I love my IC-v8000
  2. BenMara

    Palstar SP30B Communications Speaker

    Ive had my SP30B for 5yrs, Its OK. Moved it over to V/Uhf radio. Needed some thing powered for HF ext speaker, ended up with West Mountain PWRspkr 15W. But ive been eyeing the Heil PRAS EQ
  3. BenMara

    Lmr-240 RG-8X crimp connector source

  4. BenMara


    Does KJ7U still make mobile antennas?
  5. BenMara

    New Elecraft HF rig!

    I love my Elecraft radios, but ill take a Flex 6600m before the K4
  6. BenMara

    Ciro MIDI Magnetic Loop Antenna

    I totally agree. Its very expensive and better then my current 80m antenna that not at the ideal height above ground. Ive been reading good feed back from other forums. But still on the fence about this. @sp5it ive reevaluated and need a better antenna system before a new HF rig
  7. BenMara

    Ciro MIDI Magnetic Loop Antenna

    Ive abandoned the idea of making a Mag Loop Antenna. While working in Kuwait someone pointed me towards the Ciro MIDI Mag Loop Antenna. I know its very expensive, but thats why im working abroad. What are your thought on this MLA? Tkx Ben
  8. BenMara

    FlexRadio 6600M

    Im very seriously thinking about purchasing a FlexRadio 6600M when i return from Kuwait. Have seen any post about them here on this forum. What do yall think? This will be my primary rig if/when purchased. Tkx Ben
  9. BenMara

    Traveling Internationally with Amateur Radio

    Im currently here in Kuwait, didnt bring along any equipment :(
  10. BenMara

    Thinking End Fed

    Center fed dipole fed with Ladder line to 4:1 and use autotuner on radio
  11. BenMara

    Traveling Internationally with Amateur Radio

    What are some precautions i can take, so my equipment does NOT get confiscated? I plan to carry on my MacBookPro 13", CPAP machine and masks, KX3, KXPA100, and PowerWerx supply.
  12. BenMara

    Easy-on PL-259 Connectors

    never seen those before, but i know messi uses coax ends that are reusable
  13. BenMara

    Traveling Internationally with Amateur Radio

    I plan to travel internationally with my KX3, KXPA100, power supply and associated bits. Does anyone have any advice/suggestions for traveling with said items? Plan to be working in Kuwait for couple months, would love to carry my amateur radio equipment with me. Tkx Ben
  14. BenMara

    Coax Suggestions..

    What about Messi? Anyone else have experience with it? This is the only post i could fine with "Messi"
  15. BenMara

    Coax Suggestions..

    So DXE 400 for V/Uhf? What about the HF antennas? Hexbeam HF verticals.
  16. BenMara

    Coax Suggestions..

    2kw max. Runs are Vhf 100', HF verticals 150', Hexbeam 100'
  17. BenMara

    Coax Suggestions..

    For the longest time ive always had a 500'+ spool of RG 8X coax. For CBs, and now Amateur Radio. Last year i ran out of that RG 8x Coax. But i was running 450 and 600 ohm LL for my HF antennas. Ive been running DXE 400 series in the shack for the short runs Rx/Tx, meters and tuners. Ive...
  18. BenMara

    Going Portable with KX3

    Wow now thats a response.... Tkx Mole
  19. BenMara

    Going Portable with KX3

    I have a bad habit of making dipoles fed with ladder line..
  20. BenMara

    LP100A Thoughts on this.

    $600 Kit $700 Assembled... Cross needles and a whole lot of digital displays... Why NOT...