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  1. sunbulls

    COVID 19 home tests

    I’m not intelligent enough to know what's right or what's wrong. Therefore I listen closely to my V.A. doctor’s advice and other qualified persons. I do know vaccines helped keep myself safe and others from various viruses while serving overseas. As a team oriented family, all of us, including...
  2. sunbulls

    So here's a tool you need. Mike socket wrench.

    I made mine out of a PL-259 connector. The threads on it are exactly the same as the mic jack. Grind the threads off on the 259 with a Dremel barrel stone until it slips over the mic jack, then use a cutting disk to form the two notches. The photo best describes what I did. Sometimes I grip...
  3. sunbulls

    New Cobra 19 mini (anytone)

    If I ever get one on the cheap (<$20), a 4 pin mic conversion will probably be the first thing done. Besides being compact, I believe there’s one welcomed improvement nowadays, NO SONY BOND to clean up. How’s the squelch response? That’s a question I’ll never know until I have one in front of...
  4. sunbulls

    Cobra 148 GTL Meter Part Number

    Sometime try the newer “warm white” LED’s. Experiment with additional series resistance to tone down the brightness to your taste. I typically use 3.3K. The warm white LED’s have a little more yellow content, but unless you compare the two side by side, there’s not a huge difference. For me...
  5. sunbulls

    Cobra 148 GTL Meter Part Number

    Don't toss your damaged meter. With my grab bag of old meters, I sometimes replace damaged housings or use the scale plates on other meters. Switching the scale plates is usually not too difficult. The housing is held in place with scotch tape. I usually cut around it with a razor blade to...
  6. sunbulls

    Sony ICB-2010

    Yep, I can relate..
  7. sunbulls

    a new 11m call Frequency list?

    The long time local frequency for the Mayfield and Paducah Ky area was 26.865. I hope that group can once again raise their antennas. I talked with my old friend Charley Horse via skip on occasion after he moved to Mayfield. He passed away several years ago. You could always count on hearing...
  8. sunbulls

    Radio in Payback 1999 movie

    A little photo enhancement brings the bottom radio the revealing clue. It's a Globe Cheif CW ham transmitter. As I remember, they were notorious for producing second harmonics, giving many new novice hams headaches with TVI and OO warnings.
  9. sunbulls

    Insulator needed

    At one time I used Bussman renewable fuses as a home brew coil form. They have screw on copper caps that you can drill and tap. Maybe something like that would suit your needs. They come in a various sizes.
  10. sunbulls

    Sony ICB-2010

    The plastic sleeve will often pull off easily once the glue on top and bottom is removed. I usually cut around the top with a Xacto knife by carefully separating the glue away from the sleeve. The same sleeve (undamaged) or heat shrink is then reapplied once everything is cleaned. Worse case...
  11. sunbulls

    Sony ICB-2010

    For some reason Sony has never released any technical info on any of their CB radios. At this late date one would think at least some schematics would have been leaked. Why the big secret Sony? I stopped buying all things Sony years ago when they reneged on most of their rebates and...
  12. sunbulls

    Sony ICB-2010

    At least it doesn't look like they glued down the ends of the small coax jumpers, and your two transformers look clean too. Glue that has dripped down into the transformer windings is difficult to remove. I spent 2 days removing all the Sonybond on a TRC-483 that I restored recently. I even...
  13. sunbulls

    Midland 13-880B channel mod?

    An add on VFO covering 11 and 12Mhz range is ideal. If you go with a single crystal instead, I would replace the 11.705Mhz crystal (Ch1 - Ch4) with a 12.105Mhz crystal. Ch1 will then become 36, Ch2 becomes 37, Ch3 becomes 38, and Ch4 becomes 40. Unfortunately with that crystal you will be...
  14. sunbulls

    Stryker 955HP - A picture is worth a thousand words.........

    He needs a temperature controlled solder station and a roll of quality solder. That’s obvious. If he is willing to buy whatever you recommend I would give him a few lessons on how to use it as a Christmas gift.
  15. sunbulls

    TRC-415 Schematic

    This is a replacement for the TRC-415 schematic on CB Tricks. The one on CB Tricks is alright for printing purposes, but it has two pages. The schematic is upside down and the other page is blank. I read most of my schematics off the monitor. In the near future I’m going to restore this radio...
  16. sunbulls

    Beware of superhawkwss6 on Ebay

    Sometimes I find it necessary to be an ass. I’d tell my kids to share that book. Otherwise I’m donating it to Goodwill or the children’s hospital. Take your pick!
  17. sunbulls

    Base ABR Industries RG213: i think I want my money back

    This Weaver Bird does not appreciate the disparaging comments about her nest building expertise.
  18. sunbulls

    Estate sale Cobra 19 X

    It’s sometimes tedious and a little extra work, but I always change the radios jack over to the 4 pin Cobra standard. It usually requires a little chassis hole enlargement with a Dremel tool, pin extensions are sometimes required , and some J.B Weld often seals the deal. I love it when many of...
  19. sunbulls

    What electronics have YOU fixed lately?

    After I finally located another SM5124A PLL chip for the Uniden Pro 500D that I was refurbishing, it’s now up and working great. Checking for heat, I almost burnt my fingers on the bare 8 volt regulator. IMO Poor design, so I extended the regulator’s leads and attached it to the side of the...
  20. sunbulls

    Cobra 85 Dynascan

    No, use the chart as a reference. Adding that frequency into the mix would make channel 1 receive on 26.5085mhz. Of course all the other channels would also be the same amount lower in frequency. On loan, that crystal could be useful in testing the corresponding oscillator circuit and others...