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  1. 1iwilly

    new pre amp to use stock element on d104

    I designed this simple low distortion audio circuit to replace the circuit in old D104 microphones, to replace with a 600 ohm diaphragm mike cartridge since the crystal mike cartridges are hard to find now. This will match the 600 ohm cartridge good since the input impedance is exactly 600...
  2. 1iwilly

    something i found to control the negative peaks via the Darlington Pair modulation transistors

    don't know if anybody has seen this but something to talk about = Thanks to =AZUbeTqxOJwQIu1WyZaLAi6Cut1zBLPwZoWCoRhx0ngYDlQivGqn-5_FZoTi1n6KO_6R8zs7o-a6eixa-SUp-8VHDpPW2Xs0g0PZ0Qf6-IuTgJyd_HCUtYSOXHuktAaZF20&__tn__=-]K-R']Cruz Mendoza Medina (Mud Duck Radio Station In Mexico City) for in...
  3. 1iwilly

    From the desk of Jack Steel (CB radio newsletters from the 80's)

    wasn't he at one time working with Dr rigamortise=bill cheeks ??
  4. 1iwilly

    Bird meter

    on my 2000 weather internal power supply or external i see the same watts 6 average but like yours, i see way more on my 148 at this moment because i'm using a transformer for power mod i'm seen 40 watts peak almost 12 average
  5. 1iwilly

    here is another good laugh

    i'm lost for words cb shit getting more and more expensive each day look at this gem https://www.ebay.com/itm/234168489792?fbclid=IwAR3J90-XCnJB6wGNxt0zF_SCN12l9_MBUjvIYt7EFsE6UZhgMyqGf7lnggg
  6. 1iwilly

    Cobra 2000 gtl issue

    the few times mine does that i go back and forth on the am lsb USB switch and it comes back or at times my mike plug is loose
  7. 1iwilly

    Cobra 2000 gtl issue

    hang in there a tad longer andy the phat lady hasn't sung yet
  8. 1iwilly

    Cobra 2000 gtl issue

    dam low_boy you go straight for the jugular
  9. 1iwilly

    amplified or pre-

    does anybody know if there is a difference from an amplified mike to a pre-amplified and if any advantges i have a non amplified tug-8 mike and was looking at this=https://www.ebay.com/itm/174339450360
  10. 1iwilly

    Cobra 2000 gtl issue

    is there any voltage to tp-7 tp-8 ???
  11. 1iwilly


    here is another one now you know from 1970 till now that element has to be shot his description-= I am the First and only owner of this Excellent Mint Condition ASTATIC D104 Microphone. * I purchased this mic back in the early 1970's Brand New. I used it about 3 months and then was put away...
  12. 1iwilly


    ok show of hands who will be happy all day with this mic LOL and the PRICE forget about it https://www.ebay.com/itm/284376096347?hash=item423622de5b:g:v3wAAOSwY1xg9GBI
  13. 1iwilly

    sharing a find

    found this two-tone generator just sharing you can download to your phone =https://www.on6zq.be/w/index.php/Scilab/TwoToneTest
  14. 1iwilly

    ssb adjusting question??

    dosy is brand new
  15. 1iwilly

    which method is correct ??

    looking at the schematic there is no D58 on these chassis according to robb cut D58 ???
  16. 1iwilly

    which method is correct ??

    while looking for very simple less complex way for open clarifier i found these 2 i know about the 1st one but the second one saying D58 ?? Toll-free=The BEST method to rework the clarifier in the 148 is this: Remove the 8 volt receive wire on the clarifier. This color depends on year / vintage...
  17. 1iwilly

    ssb adjusting question??

    somehow i forgot to check voltage at tp-9 before making my adjustment I re-check today well that sumbitch was at 5.64 volts brought it back to specs 3.01 +/- feel better now thanks for the help and advice
  18. 1iwilly

    Cobra 2000 GTL Lites

    all the bulbs say 11.65v at 45ma hope this helps