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  1. Holydvr

    So here's a tool you need. Mike socket wrench.

    Thanks for posting back when you did. I did pick one up. They seem to be very well made.
  2. Holydvr

    Using H-250 Mic with CB

    I tried to mess with this once, but the wires were of some really funky type in the particular 250 that I had. They reminded me of sewing thread, and I remember not being able to solder them. But, that was aeons ago, so it may have just been my lack of skill back then. I may have to try it again...
  3. Holydvr

    11 Meter Radios AM/SSB/FM

    They can be had for around 219.00 shipped out of so cal on Ebay. For 219 I cannot beat the amount of radio you get with a stick!
  4. Holydvr

    11 Meter Radios AM/SSB/FM

    The 5555 needs to be tuned slightly out of the box to peak what it can. Also, out of the box they seem to love to clamp down on the audio, and that limits the swing. I have a Bird 4391 meter that has peak reading, and I do see around 45-50 watts peak regularly on AM once the radio was gone...
  5. Holydvr

    11 Meter Radios AM/SSB/FM

    Maybe check out an Anytone 5555 V6.
  6. Holydvr

    CBC International Lou Franklin

    NZ8N, do you sell the channel guards you speak of? I emailed Lou long, long ago and bought one or two of the very last 7.8’s he still had even though they were dropped from his website. I would love to get ahold of a few more if possible.
  7. Holydvr

    CBC International Lou Franklin

    I received my last set of DVD’s probably around 2010 or so if I can even remember correctly. Its been a long time! I must have two or three sets, but they only have everything up to the point they were sent to me.
  8. Holydvr

    CBC International Lou Franklin

    The DVD’s were for supporters back when. That is an old “shot” of the website. If you donated, he would send you DVD copies of the entire site. This was long ago though.
  9. Holydvr

    President Lincoln II Plus blown finals and regulator

    Odds may be that a 13N10 or IRF520 would be the finals. I may be wrong though.
  10. Holydvr

    Sony ICB-2010

    That is a cool looking radio! I do mot usually buy AM only radios, but I did pick up a Panasonic CB just due to the fact that I had never seen one before. Yours is better looking!
  11. Holydvr

    Unusual controls 148F

    Ah, yeah.. I would not mess with that particular bull myself.
  12. Holydvr

    Unusual controls 148F

    A 148f for 90 out the door is not too shabby overall. I would only hope that a bull has not been playing around inside of it though! Tony
  13. Holydvr

    Astatic Minuteman II D-104

    From what I have found, they are unobtanium. I have tried to find a substitute, but have yet to vet anything heavily. These holders I bought showed promise, but I have not tested performance when 1.5v would be missing off the bat. Or if the mic will actually work at all. (Thats if my memory...
  14. Holydvr

    Radio in Payback 1999 movie

    T-240D maybe
  15. Holydvr

    Radio in Payback 1999 movie

    Top looks like a Robyn.
  16. Holydvr


    I have one at home I could check, but I wont be home until Saturday evening.
  17. Holydvr

    Just ordered a Delta M2 desk mic.......

    From what I have heard from the mics on the air, they do very, very well!
  18. Holydvr

    Just ordered a Delta M2 desk mic.......

    A station where I live uses one. It does sound good! But, he has issues accidentally locking it down at times. I never bought one as I personally do not like how they look. But, that is just me!
  19. Holydvr

    Let's please leave CH 19 27.185 for the drivers.

    A wise man once told me “You have to bleed to succeed, and splatter to matter”….
  20. Holydvr

    Is Cb. Tricks gone for real this time?

    I know they are on the fence now, but I do have multiple copies on DVD of the site. I know it was back when, and there has been (maybe) a ton to be added, but I do have the DVD sets. I was, back then, a donating member.