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  1. earthwater

    mobile antenna mount

    hello everyone ya it's been a while i have a 2004 chevy 2500 quadsteer i need advice on the better way to mount my mobile ham radio antennas. with out the drilling a hole in the roof. my options are either a back rack or steak hole.opps correction (stake) i have a few pics of my truck...
  2. earthwater

    2 elements done 1 to go

    hi all just wanted to let ya know i took the general test today :tongue: and passed 100%**Jump_im**
  3. earthwater

    12 volt power supply

    hi all need some professional advice on a 12 volt power supply for my kenwood v71a radio so i can have it available to use in my shack. i am going to use just the radio not other gadgets with the power supply. thanks :)
  4. earthwater

    purchased mobile set up

    hi everyone i took it upon my self to purchase a mobile set up :tongue: i think i should asked for advice, but i didn't. my bad i have a pontiac vibe gt. i didn't want to go to a nmo. scary for me to put holes in my car.:redface: so please let me know what ya think. this is the purchase...
  5. earthwater

    new ham

    hi everyone i am writing this thread to inform everyone that i took my tech test and passed it with 35 right answers:thumbup: i feel like i acomplished a great defeat although as small it may seem to some people:biggrin: well anyway all for now. ....earthwater....