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  1. King Mudduck

    Coax help needed.

    Well,changed coax,cleaned everything in on and around antenna. Made zero difference! Its a quarter wave dropper ground plane 45 ft up mounted on a 40 ft steel well water pipe, antenna itself is 20 feet above the roof. When it first went up, i tore up the UK but for the last few months, i cant...
  2. King Mudduck

    Coax help needed.

    I dont know if this matters but i have great receive just as i always have, no change in that at all. Still hard to understand why. looks like if the coax is bad then my receive would have changed.
  3. King Mudduck

    Coax help needed.

    Thanks for this. thing about it. i have a friend, 3 miles away on a RCI 2970N2 with an Imax 25 feet up who is banging the UK and mid west to west coast. Even with more power than him, i cant get a soul. I used to get the UK on a 15 watt radio all the time plus many other contacts in the US but...
  4. King Mudduck

    Coax help needed.

    Sorry, im on my tablet. A few months now. My SWR has stayed at 1.3
  5. King Mudduck

    Coax help needed.

  6. King Mudduck

    Coax help needed.

    Can coax be bad even though i have a low SWR? My antenna has been up now for 3 years and in that time, ive hit stations all over the world on SSB But now, im only getting out around town. Zero contacts and you guys know how well the DX has been of late. Same radio, same coax, same antenna and...
  7. King Mudduck

    95T tuning

    As far as the 95T goes. If you tune it WITH OUT doing all of the BS mods to it that 98% of the CB shops push then you wont hurt a thing. Mine was tuned by me over 8 years ago,40 watts max key,130 watts pep,limiter NOT removed and it worked great for me for years on both AM as well as SSB,as far...
  8. King Mudduck

    Cobra 200 GTL Plastic Wrapped Factory Boxed 10 Meter SSB AM Radio 200 Watts

    These things were being sold for $175 a few years ago by a electronics supply store in Elkin NC. No one would buy em so they let em go for what they could get out of them. Even Cobra stoped trying to repair em,they would just send you your money back! $475 for it:lol:
  9. King Mudduck

    $50 craigslist find of the week, boat anchors & tube amp

    Your joking right,you got those for $50? I think i'm going to cry{Cry_river}
  10. King Mudduck

    Can you hear it?

    ‪Cry From Valley Forge‬‏ - YouTube
  11. King Mudduck

    So.. then.. this site allows discussion of illegal CB stuff?

    Now hold on just one second. Just cause some good ole boy Cber wipes out the call to yer favorite 976 number usen my...er...their ill legal linear and radeo with them extre channels...doesn't mean we all bad people! :D
  12. King Mudduck

    President JFK,Rare?

    I picked up a really nice one today for $95. I did not need another radio but i have never seen one before so i got it. While trying to find some info on it i ran across a you tube video about a JFK and the guy who posted it said that those radios were rare. Any truth to that?
  13. King Mudduck

    Need an experienced hams help on this one!

    Thanks for the link and all the help guys! I do have room to run a wire antenna and i have talk to a few friends who use them and they all seem to love them. I'm thinking that maybe i should put up a multi band wire and vertical antenna,this way i would have the best of both worlds. Yes no...
  14. King Mudduck

    Base station upgrade help.

    Have you seen what 718's are going for now? When they came out they were around $450 to $500 now there over $650! $650 would buy a really nice used Icom 706. If it were me...and i have had two nearly new ones...i would try and find a Yaesu FT101 EE. There is a huge following for these radios...
  15. King Mudduck

    Need an experienced hams help on this one!

    After 2 years of work my home is finally done and i am ready to finish my radio room and put up a antenna. This is my situation. I live in an area that is surrounded by mountains. when i say this i mean i can walk out the back door and in about 100 yards starts the incline of a 2000 ft...
  16. King Mudduck

    Base station upgrade help.

    You will not find a better base than the one you have now. I have had them all from Trams to Browning's,RCI's,Galaxy and many more. The Cobra 2000 is one of the very best radios you could ever hope to own. If you want monster audio and yet still be clean then find a nice Elkin Tube amp. They...
  17. King Mudduck

    Super Wack Pack II

    Want a R&R radio then this is what you will get! YouTube - Ranger RCI 2970N2 From R & R COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Uploaded by JoeBednarskyDotCom on Oct 29, 2010 I brought the first new Ranger RCI 2970N2 from R & R COMMUNICATIONS, INC. in Del. and had problems with it from the get go. Then when I...
  18. King Mudduck

    Is a base station even possible for me? Need advice/wisdom, something....

    You got or get complaints because you were using a dirty over modulated radio. Get yourself another radio and MAKE SURE that the tech sets it up so that it does not have over 100% modulation,this means no mod kit/swing kits and no clipped limiters......i dont give a damn what he says about your...
  19. King Mudduck

    what NPC/RC mod looks like on a scope

    Sure did,on my meter i'm getting the same ammount of power (18 watts ) that i did before he turned the one pot and did the spring thing,all he really did was lower the dead key. He did check SSB but told me that it needed nothing. And i'm am very very sure he knew who i was from the start of...
  20. King Mudduck

    what NPC/RC mod looks like on a scope

    ...and thats what pisses me off! I would rather pay a high price for quality work than the normal price for the same old..twist it to the right and max everything out... work that 99.9 % of the CB shops do and charge you for! People like that are what got me started doing my own work,i dont...