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  1. vu2nan

    My UHF Antennas

    https://nandustips.blogspot.com/p/my-70cm-antennas.html 73, Nandu.
  2. vu2nan

    My SWR Meters

    https://nandustips.blogspot.com/p/my-swr-meters_14.html 73, Nandu.
  3. vu2nan

    My RF Ammeters

    https://nandustips.blogspot.com/p/author-profile_14.html 73, Nandu.
  4. vu2nan

    My VHF Antennas

    https://nandustips.blogspot.com/p/my-2m-antennas.html 73, Nandu.
  5. vu2nan

    A selection of my QSL cards

    Here's a selection of my QSL cards. Those were the days! 73, Nandu.
  6. vu2nan

    My vintage shack!

  7. vu2nan

    My first Homebrew HF Transmitter

    Here's the documentation for my first homebrew HF transmitter. https://nandustips.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-first-hf-transmitter.html 73, Nandu.
  8. vu2nan

    Coupling a commercial VHF handheld to an external antenna

    Here's my solution for a 2m rig having only an integrated rubber ducky antenna and no connector for an external antenna. Details at https://nandustips.blogspot.com/2011/02/coupling-commercial-vhf-hand-held-to.html 73, Nandu.
  9. vu2nan

    Makeshift Piezo Earphones

    Please do check this out. https://nandustips.blogspot.com/2016/10/makeshift-piezo-earphones_15.html 73, Nandu.
  10. vu2nan

    Another Loop Antenna Crystal Radio

    This one uses a 2m x 2m Loop Antenna. More at https://nandustips.blogspot.com/2019/10/another-loop-antenna-crystal-radio.html 73, Nandu.
  11. vu2nan

    Series-fed Compact Loudspeaker Crystal Radio

    This is the series-fed version of my compact loudspeaker crystal radio. https://nandustips.blogspot.com/2019/08/parallel-tuned-compact-loudspeaker.html 73, Nandu.
  12. vu2nan

    A Chance Crystal Radio Project

    A vintage unmarked inductor/transformer had been lying neglected in my junkbox for decades and I had to resurrect it. Resistance checks showed that 2 windings, with a tap each, are terminated in its 6 pins. One measured 70 Ω with a 5 Ω tap and the other less than 1 Ω. A threaded core, with a...
  13. vu2nan

    Tarnished Silver as a Crystal Radio Detector

    A fully tarnished, shiny black silver artefact was tried out as a detector in place of the germanium transistor in my series-tuned, shunt-fed crystal radio. Fortunately the presence of an untarnished spot facilitated the metal to metal connection. A length of pencil 'lead' was used to probe...
  14. vu2nan

    'Gibson Girl' Crystal Radio

    This series-tuned, shunt-fed crystal radio was built using parts salvaged from a vintage / battered SCR - 578 lifeboat radio (popularly referred to as 'Gibson Girl'). 'Gibson Girl' Crystal Radio - Schematic It consists of a baseplate, antenna tuning coil, antenna tuning capacitor and a...
  15. vu2nan

    Ideal detector for a Shunt-fed Crystal Radio

    A diode with a forward voltage drop as low as 0.25 V may be configured by interconnecting the base and emitter of a Germanium transistor. Basic Shunt-fed Crystal Radio It's an ideal detector for a shunt-fed crystal radio. 73, Nandu.
  16. vu2nan

    Some thoughts on UHF Crystal Radios

    Diode capacitance Low capacitance diodes are a must for UHF crystal radios. It follows that they are to be so wired that the capacitance between their leads is kept to a minimum. This does not imply that the leads are to be cut to minimum length. In fact longer leads facilitate antenna-diode...
  17. vu2nan

    UHF Crystal Radio

    May be viewed at http://nandustips.blogspot.in/2015/12/uhf-crystal-radio.html 73, Nandu.
  18. vu2nan

    Series-tuned, Shunt-fed Crystal Radio with Air-core Coil

    There's been an update. http://nandustips.blogspot.in/2015/04/unusual-crystal-radio-circuit.html 73, Nandu.
  19. vu2nan

    Loop Antenna Crystal Radio

    A loop antenna crystal radio is of interest, on account of its portability, though it is no match for a crystal radio using an external vertical wire antenna and earth. If it's performance could be considerably improved with increased loop size, then its portability would be the first casualty...
  20. vu2nan

    Crystal Radio Circuits - Alternative Concepts

    1. The well-known parallel-tuned, series-fed circuit. Parallel-tuned, series-fed Crystal Radio circuit. Read more at http://nandusthoughts.blogspot.in/2015/01/crystal-radio-circuits-alternative.html 73, Nandu.