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  1. EDUK8TR

    QRZ Still Down?

    Its workin for me.
  2. EDUK8TR

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Greetings!! Give thanks with a grateful Heart! Hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving!! Wayne C. WV4L
  3. EDUK8TR

    Veterans Day

    A special thanks to all the Veterans and your service to our country. Your service protects our freedoms, many of which we take for granted. Get on your radio and make some contacts and thank the Veterans for the freedom to play radio. 73 Wayne C WV4L
  4. EDUK8TR

    What are ya'lls prefessions??

    In my 30th year in Education. 17 years teaching History the last 13, Special Education. Would like to retire, but need to continue working to keep the Health Care benefit. 73! Wayne C. WV4L
  5. EDUK8TR

    LOTW ? Use it?

    I too like to use LOTW. I use the free version of Ham Radio Deluxe and the Logbook that is incorporated in it. I really like the convience of just highlighting contact(s) in the logbook and clicking of the LOTW upload button in HRD Logbook to send the entries to LOTW. I still get and send...
  6. EDUK8TR

    ARRL DX contest

    I casually participated last year but had a hard time getting my log accepted. This year I scanned the bands for DX entities that I didn't have and wanted to add to my log. Picked up some good ones on 80M. 73 Wayne C. WV4L
  7. EDUK8TR

    My Icom 7000 mobile install...

    That would be a BetterRF screwdriver antenna controller. It is used in conjunction with the BetterRF Tune control which you can see plugged into the back of the 7000. Great system. :DTouch the tune control on the rig and the controller runs the antenna up or down to an acceptable SWR. Only...
  8. EDUK8TR

    EDUK8TR update on mobile install 1/1/14

    Greetings & Happy New Year! Just did an update on my mobile install. ;) http://www.worldwidedx.com/members/eduk8tr-albums-eduk8tr-s-2004-f-150-icom-7000-tarheel-200-hp-installinstall.html 73 Wayne C. WV4L
  9. EDUK8TR

    28.360 and 28.450usb

    Same here. Time?
  10. EDUK8TR

    Sky Command

    I found that the easiest way to change freq is via direct entry via the keypad and hit the ent. Button. Once you do that the HT sends the data and the 2000 responds with the new freq which is shown on the HT display.
  11. EDUK8TR

    Sky Command

    Greetings! I Finally set up my TH-D72A up with Sky Command. It took a little while to familiarize myself with the workings but I got the general things down. After I got my TS-2000 set up I decided to get in my truck and drive away from my home and see what kind of range I could get. I drove...
  12. EDUK8TR

    This is really cheesy

    That Ham Radio Guy on Vimeo Yeah I know there are some 11m props used but I thought it was Kewl.:w00t: 73
  13. EDUK8TR

    2012 End of Year Contest Winner

    Congrats Gary!:D Enjoyed having some contest QSO's with some of you guys. 73 & Happy New Year! Wayne C. WV4L
  14. EDUK8TR


    7.220 15.53 GMT
  15. EDUK8TR

    WV4L/W9WDX Contest Log

    W9FNB 7.220 K8LEN 7.220 KF7TLL 28.455
  16. EDUK8TR


    Freq is in use here in VA @ 1:02gmt. You want to QSY up or dn?
  17. EDUK8TR

    Help! Furnace fan RFI killing my receiver

    Notify the owner that their equipment is causing interference and that said equipment is not in compliance with FCC code. I have read that there are fixes that makers of these units have that will rectify the problem. The makers are aware of the issue they just don't install the hardware on the...
  18. EDUK8TR

    ARRL 10 Meter contest

    Band is wide open to the left coast from VA at 21:17 UTC!:thumbup: Only a few more hours left. QRZ around 28.380 +- 2khz
  19. EDUK8TR

    ARRL 10 Meter contest

    Anybody participating? Just over 40 logged for now. Band has really dropped off since contest started.
  20. EDUK8TR


    Happy Thanksgiving to all here on the forum. May our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. 73 Wayne C. WV4L